5 Takeaways from Los Angeles Chargers’ rout of Buffalo Bills

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3. The Chargers’ offense finally put it all together

The Chargers’ offense really put out their first great effort of the season. Philip Rivers had a really great completion percentage and didn’t turn the ball over and Keenan Allen went off. Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler worked as a great 1-2 punch that ran the Buffalo defense straight into the ground. The Chargers didn’t punt until over halfway through the 3rd quarter.

Now, we have to be honest. Not every game is going to have the Chargers’ defense take advantage of an awful opposing offense like that to put the team’s offense at ease. But, for an offense that sometimes could barely score 20 most games, scoring 40 on the offensive side of the ball is pretty great. That’s also some good momentum going into facing a Dallas Cowboys  team that has been exposed the last two games with an average/sub-par defense.

4. Anthony Lynn nailed it with Gus Bradley

I’ve never seen a Chargers’ team with a defense so dominant. The Chargers’ defense was incredibly great Sunday. But it’s really a statement about the entire season. The Chargers allow 19.6 points per game. Last year, they allowed 24.1 points per game. It may not seem like a lot, but a five-point swing from year to year is huge. He’s got Bosa and Ingram exploding off the sides with most offensive lines srtuggling to contain them. Williams, Casey, Boston and the rest of the secondary are really starting to gel together.

This is a superstar defense in the making. They still can be inconsistent, but I think they will only improve through the rest of this season and the next few seasons. They already are terrifying to go against and it will only get worse for opposing teams.