5 Takeaways from Los Angeles Chargers’ rout of Buffalo Bills

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The Los Angeles Chargers dominate the Buffalo Bills and post a 50 burger while Tyrod Taylor is benched for Nathan Peterman.

Part of me still can’t believe what I just saw. It was a dominant performance for the Chargers on most fronts. Nathan Peterman. Oof. Let’s just jump down to the main points.

1. “Hey Tyrod, so uh, we’re sorry.”

Those should be the first words out of Sean McDermott’s mouth. Peterman was an inexcusable disaster and was completely exposed by the Chargers’ defense on all fronts.  The first possession ended in a Korey Toomer pick-six.  Casey Hayward, Tre Boston and Trevor Williams also got in on Peterman Palooza. Peterman could not take the pressure from Joey Bosa or Melvin Ingram either.

It was disastrous for a rookie quarterback to be thrown into a game against a good defense while the Bills’ offense is already injured. Give credit to the Chargers for being awesome on D and blowing the offense up, but man, what a dumb decision by the Bills.

2. Nick Novak has to be better 

Nick Novak was picked back up after Younghoe Koo struggled in the first three weeks of the season. He missed a 46-yarder yesterday and is now 8-for-11 on the year. In three of the last four games that Novak has attempted a field goal, he’s missed one. I’m not going to get on the “we have to cut Nick Novak” train, simply because at this point, you aren’t going to find a better kicker than Novak out there in the free agency pool. And he has made a couple of big kicks in big games. But 72.7 percent isn’t very good, especially when every game is so incredibly crucial now in both the Wild Card and divisional races.