Which teams should Chargers be rooting for in Week 11?


Let’s take a look at important matchups in Week 11 of the 2017 season.

Man, what a way to lose, Chargers. I mean, the only way to explain that loss to the Jaguars is by admitting that you threw the game. I wouldn’t be as embarrassed if that were the case, and it wouldn’t be as bad as what you did on social media this past week…

Okay, moving on. The Chargers really hurt their postseason chances, but there’s still hope because of how unimpressive the AFC has been. I’m serious. The Patriots, Steelers and Chiefs will likely win their respective divisions. Barring injuries, the Jags’ defense will lead them to a division title because the Titans, who were tied for first with the Jags in the AFC South going into Week 11, got dominated by Pittsburgh Thursday and, quite frankly, don’t look like a playoff-caliber team.

Even if Tennessee (6-4) manages to take the No. 5 seed, which they currently hold, one spot is up for grabs. The teams fighting for that spot (current order): The Bills (5-4), Ravens (4-5), Raiders (4-5), Dolphins (4-5), Jets (4-6), Texans (3-6), Bengals (3-6) and our very own Chargers (3-6). As of now, nobody deserves that last spot. It’s the truth.

But the Chargers have a chance. They’d most likely have to win all but one of their seven remaining games in order to clinch a wild card spot. A 9-7 record should get you in with how these teams are playing. The Bolts host the Bills (current No. 6 seed). They NEED this game.

With that said, let’s take a look at which teams the Chargers should root for in Week 11.

Note: The Jets (4-6) and Colts (3-7) are on byes; Not included is Chiefs (6-3) vs. Giants (1-8)

Buccaneers (3-6) @ Dolphins (4-5): The Dolphins are a trainwreck. They lost their last three games and allowed 40-plus points in two of those three losses. The Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Bucs beat the Jets last week, and we now need that Fitzmagic to continue vs. Jay Cutler and the Dolphins. Mike Evans, don’t get yourself ejected..

Ravens (4-5) @ Packers (5-4): Brett Hundley won his first career game when his Packers beat the Bears last week. The Ravens are coming off their bye and, in my opinion, are the most inconsistent team in the AFC despite ranking seventh in the conference. Cheer loud, Cheesehead fans, we need a win from you guys!

Cardinals (4-5) @ Texans (3-6): Blaine Gabbert’s Cardinals will face off against Tom Savage’s Texans. Do you see this trend of backup quarterbacks? No wonder why play has been so sloppy. The Texans lost their last three games. No Deshaun Watson, no hope for Houston.

Bengals (3-6) @ Broncos (3-6) This game could go either way. As of now, the Bengals are one game ahead of the Chargers and the Broncos are one game behind the Chargers because of the tiebreaker. The Bengals have lost two in a row. Meanwhile, the Broncos have lost five in a row. They both have somewhat tough schedules going forward (I think Denver’s is a bit easier). Pick your poison.

Patriots (7-2) @ Raiders (4-5)I hate to say this (again), but go Tom Brady, go!