Should the Chargers bring in Tyrod Taylor next season?


The Buffalo Bills, in a surprising move (at least to most who don’t follow the organization closely), benched starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor following a Week 10 blowout by the New Orleans Saints.  Should the Chargers consider bringing him in next season?

Didn’t see that one coming. Maybe they see something in rookie Nathan Peterman, a quarterback they drafted late in this year’s draft?

Either way, the connection is obvious: Anthony Lynn. After taking over as offensive coordinator for the Bills last season, Lynn had that offense rolling. Tyrod Taylor was a huge part of that. Here’s his 2016 stats (in 15 games played):

3,023 passing yards, 17 touchdowns, 6 interceptions; 580 rushing yards, 6 touchdowns

There’s a few things that stand out there. The first is interceptions. While he wasn’t asked to chuck the ball around as much as Philip Rivers, it’s encouraging to see someone take care of the football. For reference, last year, Rivers threw 21 picks. With head-scratching plays like Rivers’ “chuck the ball” play to Travis Benjamin that inevitably turned into a game-losing interception, it would be nice to see someone who doesn’t turn it over as frequently.

Also, rushing yards. Rivers is probably the better pocket passer at this point in his career, but he doesn’t have the legs that Taylor has. Rivers couldn’t run for 580 yards in a game if he were the only player on the field for 60 minutes. Taylor brings a huge dynamic to the offense with his ability to escape and extend plays.

If they brought in Taylor, they would have a young talent in what should be the prime of his career. If Rivers were to be replaced, then I think Ken Whisenhunt goes with him, something that has been called for all season. Right now, the Chargers have a defense that is legitimately talented and strong (when healthy). The offense has yet to catch up, and it’s wasting the young talent the Chargers have.

I love Philip Rivers. He’s my favorite Charger, ever (I’m young, I haven’t seen past greats play). It hurts to even think about the idea of having another quarterback. But the results have spoken for themselves. Unless there’s an offensive coordinator guru that can turn this around, it looks like we have seen the “ceiling” of this offense under the current formula. It may be time to look elsewhere, and a connection as golden as the proven working relationship of Taylor and Lynn is hard to ignore.

Tyrod Taylor, however, will probably end up getting more money elsewhere. I also don’t think it would be in the Chargers’ wheelhouse to not only replace their franchise player, but also spend money on another quarterback. What do you guys think? Is this someone worth going after? Do we ride out the Rivers’ wave and hope the offense changes or the defense bails us out, or do we look for a fresh start in something that could put the team on the next level? Sound off below!