What if the Chargers get crushed by the Patriots?

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 07: Defensive end Rob Ninkovich
SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 07: Defensive end Rob Ninkovich /

It’s not what any of us want to think about, and it’s not something we’d like to have happen. But I have to ask: 

What if the Chargers get crushed by the Patriots?

There’s an episode of Blue’s Clues (bear with me guys) where Steve and his dog Blue go into a nightmare to help a princess overcome her fears. Using the power of belief, they make the bad things not so scary: A monster turns into a cake, creepy trees turn into balloons and a black picket fence becomes party hats.

That’s the current state of Chargers fans: With a little bit of belief, a nightmare has turned into something not so bad after all.

Look at any social media post, article or Facebook page. Calling for firings has turned to praise for the staff and their ability to adjust. Those that thought of the team as the ‘Same ol’ Chargers’ have now started to see a bright future ahead. Shoot, many of us that had this week’s bout against the Patriots as an automatic loss are now reconsidering. Things are pretty positive.

But what if the Chargers get crushed by the Patriots this Sunday?

I’m talking a 35-13 butt-kicking. Multiple injured players. Ellis Hobbs runs onto the field and does the Shawne Merriman “Lights Out” dance again to mock the Bolts. The Chargers take a big fat disappointing loss and limp into the bye week. What happens then?

The Chargers have beaten the New York Giants, Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos. Before the season if you told me those games would result in a three-game win streak, I’d be ecstatic. However, those teams, once projected to be playoff contenders, are a combined 7-13. A loss this Sunday means the Chargers have lost against three top-tier teams in the Chiefs, Eagles and Patriots.

What happens to their confidence then, especially if the Patriots come out and stomp the Chargers in Foxborough? A Falcons team that should have been fired up seeking revenge for an embarrassing Super Bowl loss just got beat 23-7 on Sunday Night Football. The Chargers might be about to catch the Patriots on their upswing, recovering from mistakes that made them look like a weak team earlier in the season.

I don’t have a guaranteed answer to the question, but I have some guesses. Those fans that have come out of hiding to support the team will either disappear again or take to their keyboards to rain pessimism on social media. Those of us that have and always will support the team will continue to see some positives looking forward, but may have to realistically accept that the Chargers are just a middle-of-the-pack team and can’t beat tough competition.

As for the team itself, I think they can still recover and go on to have a half-decent record. Looking ahead, they have to face a beatable Jaguars team (something Philip Rivers seems to be fond of), a surprisingly stout Bills team at home and the hit-or-miss Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Could very well do 3-0, could also do 0-3. But belief may be lost, and very soon the nightmares may come back. Not even Steve and his dog Blue could help then.

Let me know what you guys think happens to the team if they get absolutely crushed by the New England Patriots this Sunday. Do they have a shot to still make the playoffs? How confident are you in the team moving forward? Comment below and let me know. Go Bolts!