SPOILER: Predictions for the Bolts’ duel with the Dolphins


Although the first week of predictions didn’t turn out to be 100 percent accurate, you should have a little faith. There is promise in knowing that two of the four predictions almost came true. Total on the year: 0-4.

The Chargers are 0-1. A move to Los Angeles clearly didn’t change the way the Bolts play football. Start slow, but then give fans hope in the final quarter only to disappoint. However, this week will be a different story as Jay Cutler and the Miami Dolphins come to town.

Prediction One: Philip Rivers tosses four TD’s

SAN DIEGO, CA – NOVEMBER 13: Philip Rivers
SAN DIEGO, CA – NOVEMBER 13: Philip Rivers /

Let’s be real here, the game is going to come down to Rivers and Cutler. Which one of these two is going to turn the football over less?

Spoiler, it’s going to be Rivers.

He is surrounded by a plethora of talent at wide out, running back and tight end. There is no reason that Rivers shouldn’t tear up a relatively weak secondary.

The Bolts wide receivers are bigger and faster than the majority of the Dolphins defensive backs, and as a group they should have a field day.

Fans should expect Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates, Hunter Henry and the rest of the Chargers’ pass catchers to score, score and score some more.

Prediction Two: Melvin Gordon out runs Jay Ajayi 

DENVER, CO – SEPTEMBER 11: Running back Melvin Gordon
DENVER, CO – SEPTEMBER 11: Running back Melvin Gordon /

Did anyone else feel like Melvin Gordon had a better game than his statistics showed?

He had 79 all-purpose yards on 23 touches. Not the greatest day he’s ever had. However, the touchdown catch was a play that brought hope to Bolts fans across the nation.

If anything Gordon is a guy every Chargers fan can get behind, he’s a guy with speed, power and determination.

This week the talk has been all Dolphins Jay Ajayi and Gordon, why? Because they were drafted in the same year.

Both teams have above-average run defenses, but Gordon has something to prove. He was drafted in the first round of the draft, but the majority of people feel that Ajayi is the better back.

Despite all of the hoopla surrounding the two backs, Gordon will be the deciding factor in this game, don’t be shocked if he finds the end zone multiple times.

Prediction Three: Desmond King picks off Cutler …. twice

CARSON, CA – AUGUST 20: Defensive back Desmond King
CARSON, CA – AUGUST 20: Defensive back Desmond King /

If you don’t religiously watch Chargers football then you are probably wondering who the heck Desmond King is?

Well he is the guy who is going to make the Dolphins regret signing Cutler.

King has an incredible football IQ, and that’s clear when he’s on the field. Come Sunday he and the rest of the defensive backfield will find themselves with a tremendous amount of opportunities to give the Chargers offense the ball.

Especially if Jarvis Landry doesn’t play.

With Jason Verrett out this week, King will be forced to step up, and fans should bank on him having a phenomenal day.

Prediction Four: Melvin Ingram racks up two sacks and forced fumble

The duo of Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa combined for three sacks against the Denver Broncos.

They looked like the real deal, and you should expect nothing less this week against the Dolphins.

Ingram’s speed off the edge is yet to be matched by an offensive tackle. He had one and a half sacks last week and this week he will have an even better day.

The reason why … because he has all of those first-game jitters out. Ingram should be focused and pumped to show out in the Chargers’ first home game of the season.

This prediction could easily be outdone by Ingram, not to mention the potential Bosa has this week.