Anthony Lynn ranks last in NFL head coach power rankings


The Los Angeles Chargers will have a new head coach going into the 2017 NFL season. Anthony Lynn will have to rack up some wins early in order to get respect.

The Chargers made the right decision to part ways with former head coach Mike McCoy. His mundane style of coaching just wasn’t cutting it.

In January, the Chargers found McCoy’s replacement, former Bills offensive coordinator and interim head coach Anthony Lynn. Lynn, a hard-nosed coach (if you haven’t seen the all-access pass on Lynn by’s Ricky Henne, you should), will look to jumpstart a franchise that also found a new home in the offseason.

Lynn brings hope along with a much-needed culture change, but his lack of experience as a head coach does warrant some concerns. That is why’s Elliot Harrison put Lynn last in his latest NFL head coach power rankings.

Here’s what Harrison had to say:

“Someone has to be 32nd on the list. Unfortunately, that’s Lynn, who has the least amount of experience as both head coach and coordinator. After earning the respect of nearly everyone in Buffalo, Lynn was elevated from running backs coach (and assistant head coach) to offensive coordinator following the departure of Greg Roman last year. While the Chargers are being touted as a sneaky AFC team, Lynn has inherited the most malleable situation of all the new coaches: new city … new stadium … toughest division.”

It’s hard to get mad at the ranking. I mean, we don’t really know what we’re getting with Lynn. However, the Chargers, who are a sleeper team to many, have a ton of talent on the roster, which should make Lynn’s job easier.

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We’ll have to wait and see, but I expect Lynn to move up quickly as the Chargers look to rebound from back-to-back losing seasons.