Chargers post-draft roster evaluation: Quarterback edition


Ahhhhh, draft season has officially come to an end. It’s a favorite for some of us here, but it just means that we are getting that much closer to the start of the next football season.

All 32 teams partook in a three-day draft period in which each team’s next superstars are selected. And according to many draft analysts, the Bolts were one of the best this year.

There will no doubt be some exciting changes this coming year, especially roster-wise, so here is my evaluation of the Chargers’ offense now that the draft has been completed. We will be going by position. Let’s begin by taking an in-depth look at the quarterbacks and what the team has brought in for training camp competition!


Philip Rivers:

As usual, nothing has changed here. Philip Rivers is the man, the Captain of this ship, the Town’s Sheriff. He is here to stay and general manager Tom Telesco has made that clear.

Many draft analysts had the Chargers drafting a quarterback this year in an attempt to prepare for the future, but instead the Chargers went and got more protection and more ammo for Rivers in the draft. The offensive line will literally determine whether Rivers will play in this league for two years or for four more years, and the team realized that. Loved the moves. Behind Rivers, it seems to be the same story as well.

Kellen Clemens: 

Behind Rivers, it seems to be the same story as well. Kellen Clemens looks to fill as our backup once again this year. The Chargers signed Clemens with yet another annual contract renewal to ride the bench once more, and the Chargers brought back UDFA Mike Bercovici, who is looking to make yet another push to make the roster this season.

The Chargers also brought in another quarterback from this year’s UDFA pool in Eli Jenkins, so there will definitely be some competition. Expect another free-agent signing with the likes of a quarterback, but don’t expect anything fancy, as he should fill in as a competitive camp body. But an even better question: Will this be the year that someone actually beats out Clemens? Or will we go with three QB’s on the final roster? Only time will tell.

Mike Bercovici:

I really liked Mike Bercovici. He seemed to be playing pretty well during camp last offseason. But once preseason started, that’s when the team started seeing his flaws. He has so much potential, but being a shorter quarterback, it’s kind of hard to see over the offensive line to make the easy throw.

That’s what is hindering him. I think he’s going to make an even better impression this year now that he has a year under his belt. He should try to push Clemens out of his second-string spot. If he can perform in primetime this year around, I don’t see why he couldn’t be Rivers’ backup.

Eli Jenkins:

I really enjoy watching mobile quarterbacks. It just adds a whole new dimension to the game of football. Eli Jenkins is definitely one of these types of quarterbacks. He’s coming out of Jacksonville State University, finishing his senior year with 2,107 passing yards and 11 touchdowns, as well as another 984 rushing yards to go with an extra 13 touchdowns.

He obviously likes to run, and I’m excited to see what he can do in camp. Keep an eye on this guy. He might be a surprise, but the fact that he attended a small school like JSU might be the reason why he won’t make the team (mostly because of the fact that JSU doesn’t play elite colleges like Ohio State and Alabama, etc.)

With that said, here are my predictions for who makes the roster in 2017:

Starter – Rivers

Second String – My heart says Bercovici, but my mind says Clemens. Clemens it is, for this year at least. I don’t think they will go with three quarterbacks this year either.

There you have it folks. That’s my evaluation of the quarterbacks heading into camp for the upcoming season. Keep an eye out for my next article, as I will be evaluating the running backs. And remember to Bolt Up!