Los Angeles Chargers: Draft talk with BFTB’s Kyle Posey


With the 2017 NFL Draft quickly approaching, I chatted with Bolts From The Blue’s Kyle Posey and got his input on the draft.

The Los Angeles Chargers hold the No. 7 overall pick in the draft and have the chance to add quality talent. I recently spoke with Kyle Posey, who covers the Chargers for Bolts From The Blue and writes for Bleacher Report, about draft prospects.

Let’s get to it.

Q: Who’s your favorite player in the 2017 draft, both offensively and defensively, and why?

A: “My favorite player on offense is probably Isaiah Ford, WR out of Virginia Tech. I’m a sucker for good route runners with ball skills and that’s exactly what he is. Defensively, it’s Tedric Thompson. I’m a big DB guy, and the safety has instincts that are unmatched and I love the way he makes plays.”

Q: As you know, a lot of mock drafts have the Chargers selecting Ohio State FS Malik Hooker. Do you think the Chargers should pass on a player who many experts say has Ed Reed-like potential? And if they end up taking the former Buckeye, would you be upset?

A: “I wouldn’t be upset if they took Hooker, but there’s a lot of projection there. He’s also far from Reed. I wrote about him in depth, but in short he’s not as complete as he’s made out to be and he’s a coin flip when it comes to tackling. I get why they would take him, though.”

Q: What are your thoughts on Alabama DL Jonathan Allen? Prior to the news about his shoulders (which both he and doctors said wouldn’t be a problem), he was projected to be a top-five pick. If he falls to No. 7, would it be a mistake for the Charges not to draft him?

A: “I don’t think Allen is anywhere near the type of athlete that you take top 10. He beat up on some poor offensive lines and disappeared against the best ones. I think he’ll be a big flop at the next level.”

Q: It’s a very deep draft class overall. Who do you believe is an underrated player that could fall into the Chargers’ lap?

A: “Tedric Thompson at safety. A handful of running backs. Ford is a good one at WR. I wonder with the injuries of Sidney Jones or Fabian Moreau, two first-round CBs, if they fall.”

Q: On the contrary, which high-end player do you believe will be a bust/Chargers should stay away from?

A: “Mike Williams just doesn’t strike me as a guy you take at seven. I’d be terrified to put that pressure on him.”

Q: Obviously the Chargers’ offensive line has been a problem in recent years. The Chargers signed LT Russell Okung to a big deal and have a few young players like Max Tuerk (last year’s third-rounder), Donavon Clark (last year’s seventh-rounder) and Spencer Pulley (last year’s undrafted free agent), all of which will compete for a starting role. That said, in a weak class of linemen, do you see the Chargers selecting one early or waiting until the later rounds?

A: “My guess is they take a guard mid rounds and give him a shot to compete and start. Guessing as early as third, like we saw with Tuerk, or later.”

Q: Correct me if I’m wrong, but we both agree that cornerback is an underrated need. The Chargers have two Pro Bowlers in Jason Verrett and Casey Hayward, but they are lacking serious depth behind those two. Personally, I’d love for them to get the versatile Adoree’ Jackson, but that’s me and these are questions for you! Do you see the Chargers taking a corner in the first two rounds? If so, which corners stand out to you?

A: “I could absolutely see them taking one. If healthy, I thought Moreau was the pick. Depending on who slides or not they could fall for a guy like Washington’s Kevin King.”

Q: With new HC Anthony Lynn running things, we should expect a more run-heavy offense. The Chargers have workhorse Melvin Gordon and recently brought back Branden Oliver and Andre Williams, as well as signed former Eagles RB Kenjon Barner. With a RB class that’s full of talent, can you see the Chargers drafting another back?

A: “I don’t think there’s a back on the roster save Gordon you can trust. I think RB2 isn’t on the roster.”

Q: Two-part question: Do the Chargers have the luxury of going best available player in the draft? And depending on your answer, which position should absolutely not be addressed with the first pick.

A: “I wouldn’t call it a luxury as much as a roster void of talent. I think pass rush is a big need still. Offensive fire power. And finally help in coverage.”