Could QB Johnny Manziel become a Charger?


Well, it’s officially the offseason. No games on Sunday, Monday or Thursday now going forward until late summer. And here we are once again, riding the offseason talking about potential moves or signings we could see. Good old offseason chatter; I miss it.

Here is a really interesting subject that not many sports sites have even recognized (surprisingly). What are the odds of QB Johnny Manziel, yes Johnny Football, becoming a Los Angeles Charger this year?

From the looks of it, it might just happen. So before we even get into “the evidence” of him possibly rocking the Bolt, let’s touch on the subject of WHERE/WHAT THE HELL HE’S BEEN DOING LATELY.

Manziel, who was a 2014 first-round pick, was cut by the Browns a few seasons ago, and he has not found a home since. He’s never really been able to shake off the college partying lifestyle since entering the NFL, and it led to him entering a rehab clinic for 10 weeks to sober up. His attempt at doing so was unsuccessful, as he was still the same guy as before.

More recently, he decided to take on a new sober lifestyle once again, and he went into rehab for the second time. Manziel now claims that he is indeed doing much better and is completely sober. Here’s the catch: He did it all with unprofessional help. Johnny Football has recently made the announcement that he does indeed want to rejoin the NFL, as he has asked for a chance with any team to prove himself and that he is “dead serious” this time, according to TMZ Sports. Could he be a changed man? It sounds as if he is. Now, here is where the Chargers come into play…

Since announcing that he is wanting to re-enter the league, Manziel has been working out, getting back into shape and trying to master his craft once again. This past week, he has spent his time here in San Diego. YES, San Diego. He’s been spotted at the San Diego Zoo, and even more importantly, he has been spotted practicing with a football that has the Chargers Lightning Bolt on it. Yes, the very same football the Chargers facility uses for practices and on gameday.

Johnny Manziel working out with the Chargers or??

— ⚡️LA Offseason⚡️ (@ChargersLegion) February 10, 2017

Here is where things start getting a little bit more interesting. Manziel posted a photo on his Instagram account of himself hugging Chargers kicker Josh Lambo, in honor of both players to represent the No. 2 on their jerseys. Could it be a coincidence? Or could it be a little more, maybe a hint?

Wake up everyday with a smile on my face like this #YuhDatWay #2's

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If this were to happen, I honestly wouldn’t mind it. However, I could totally see the Chargers front office making this happen, as it would single-handedly be the ULTIMATE offseason move that the Chargers would want to make for the sake of publicity–and Dean Spanos knows damn well he needs more fans. This signing would easily get all the Johnny Football fans to switch over to Charger Island.

From a football standpoint, it really does make sense for this team. Kellen Clemens isn’t that great, not even good, and he’s getting up there in age. He is not the heir to Philip Rivers’ throne. Johnny is still only 24 years old. Rivers might be here for a few more seasons, so he could be groomed until the time is right (just like how Brett Favre passed on the torch to Aaron Rodgers). Rivers would most definitely be the guy to keep Manziel in check, as I don’t think he had any type of player with that kind of leadership player with him in Cleveland. He is, in my honest opinion, a good upgrade over Clemens (that is IF he is indeed serious and does keep his act together).

How do you feel about the Chargers signing Johnny Manziel? Yes, we know that he has made some dumb mistakes in the past, but this could very well be a Michael Vick 2.0 situation. Could he be a Charger in 2017? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments! Let’s get this offseason talk started!