The battle for Los Angeles..sort of


The Chargers are an L.A. team now. So are the Rams. Let the battle for L.A. supremacy begin!

To put things in perspective, if you combine the Chargers and Rams wins, neither team would have made the playoffs this year in their respective divisions. So take the word ‘supremacy’ rather lightly in this case.

As far as L.A. football goes, supremacy means one more win than the other. The Chargers, who played their final season in San Diego, managed to win a whopping five games last year.

Meanwhile, the Rams splashed down in L.A. and after getting off to a nice 3-1 start, managed a mere single win the rest of the season. Yup, they ended the season with only four wins, but that’s one less than the Chargers.

NFL Roomies

The reality is that the Chargers and the Rams will share more than just a city, they will be roomies once the Kroenke’s Inglewood kingdom opens in 2019. That’s still a few years away, so for now the front offices of both teams are saying the right thing about cooperating with each other.

During the Chargers’ media event in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the Chargers invited the Rams to participate. Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff attended and went on to state that the Chargers are not only welcomed in L.A., but are needed.

“For us to be successful, we need the Chargers to be successful. For them to be successful, they need us to be successful. That symbiotic relationship will be what comes to define us.” – Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff

The teams’ front offices making nice is… well, nice. However, it’s what the players have to say that is of interest to me. Let’s get the rivalry going.

Chargers supremacy

In the battle for supremacy, the Chargers win. Why? They had five wins to the Rams four. Yeah, not necessarily inspiring, but that one extra win is enough. At least, that’s what some Chargers think.

January 29, 2016; Kahuku, HI, USA; Hawaiian hostesses Chelsea Hardin (far left) and Mahina Garcia (far right) pose with Team Rice cornerback Jason Verrett of the San Diego Chargers (22) during 2016 Pro Bowl photo day at Turtle Bay Resort. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When asked who would win the battle for L.A., Chargers Pro Bowl corner Jason Verrett did not hesitate. “Chargers,” Verrett said … “because we’re a better team.”

I agree. It’s just too bad the teams won’t play each other next season.

The Rams have a history here and could have owned L.A. with a winning record. They blew it. The Chargers now have a golden opportunity to capitalize on this. So let’s hope the team puts a winning product on the field and wins back over upset fans and new ones here. Winning has a way of fixing things.

Who you got?