San Diego Chargers coming off perhaps worst day in team history


I’ve been there for all all of them.  The Holy Roller, the AFC championship loss to the Raiders and everything in between, but I’ve never seen anything quite like Sunday. 70-80% of the fans were in silver and black. The funny part is, from where I sat, they seemed somewhat respectful and not confrontational, but it sure was strange seeing the wrong colors at a San Diego Chargers game.

To a great degree we’re used to it. It seems every team circles San Diego as the away game to attend, especially late in the season. Why not? Southern California is such a great place to visit, especially if you live in cold weather, but that wasn’t the case Sunday. This is a good Raiders team with fans starving for success.

The Bolts had a great run 10 or so years ago, my sons and I went to quite a few away games. We would usually come across a few Bolts fans but never like the Raiders supporters who showed up Sunday. Sad but true, and almost for the same reason. Why would anyone want to leave San Diego? We went to Gillette and watched them lose to the Pats, went to Candlestick, the Meadowlands, and Arizona  and saw them win, went to Miami and Seattle and saw them lose and never saw more Chargers fans than the home team. Not even close.

Maybe the Spano’s would be right to move to L.A. although I don’t think the fan base would be any less fickle. Whether it’s L.A. or San Diego, there’s just too many other things to do than watch a team lose.

The saddest part? This Chargers team is just a hair away from being really good. I’ve never seen a team lose so many games so many different ways. A couple of breaks or plays and the Chargers could be having a similar season to the rest of the teams in the division.

Anyway, on to Cleveland.

As bad as it’s been, I’d really not like being the only team to lose to the Browns and the Browns will be motivated. 0-16 is tough and Cleveland’s best chance is probably Saturday.

I usually write about the history of the Charger’s opponents, but there’s only one part of the history I really remember concerning the Browns. It’s when owner Art Modell took the team out of Cleveland to Baltimore in ’95 to become the Ravens and the Ravens, with many of the players being ex-Browns, won the Super Bowl in 2000. The Cleveland fans retained the name Browns but the team was in Baltimore.

Could the same thing happen to the Bolts? It could. This is a  team with some real talent. It’s possible the Bolts move and are rebranded and they get a fresh start.

Maybe that’s what they need.

Chargers by 8. Go Bolts!