Amidst a power struggle, patience will win out


Before we get started, I understand that both sides are at fault in the debacle that is the Joey Bosa holdout. Yes, I understand that all it will take to end this absurd stalemate is some slight compromises on both sides. Yes, Bosa’s agent, Todd France, is giving his client some questionable advice. And yes, the Chargers are choosing an inexplicable hill to die on in contract talks. However, let me explain to you why all it will take to soothe the aching pain that is this holdout is a little more patience. 

Most of you are probably thinking, patience? You want us to exhibit even more patience in a holdout that has become the longest of its kind under the new CBA agreement? Yes, yes I do. More specifically, I would like everyone to relax. Everything will be decided shortly. As far as holdouts go, San Diego and Bosa have reached a point where true colors will start to emerge.

San Diego still holds the leverage in contract discussions, albeit it is rather unnecessary leverage considering the circumstances. However, if the organization is adamant that they aren’t budging on their signing bonus deferment (they are $8 million apart in this area), then the fact that they control his rights all the way up until the moment the 2017 NFL Draft begins should be enough for Bosa to cave in.

Both San Diego and Bosa are looking at a “when” not “If” scenario here. I seriously doubt that Bosa will test the draft again. Bosa’s agent wouldn’t let him even if he wanted to.

Since the Chargers own Bosa’s rights until next year’s draft, the following events cannot occur:

  • Bosa is not allowed to attend the 2017 Draft Combine
  • Bosa may not contact any team not named the San Diego Chargers, including scheduling workouts

Essentially, the only thing teams will be able to base Bosa’s draft stock on are one-year old college tapes, his social media outlets and one terrible attempt at contract negotiations. Needless to say, you will not be seeing Bosa’s name popping up in the top-five overall picks of next year’s draft. For obvious monetary reasons, this is why Bosa will be the first to cave in this holdout.

Don’t get confused, San Diego is wholly as much in the wrong as Bosa and his camp are. I will leave that hot take for another article. However, come Week 1, expect to see No. 99 out on the field beside his teammates.