San Diego Chargers at the bottom of SI Power Rankings


The San Diego Chargers are not getting any love from power rankings. Sports Illustrated just listed the Chargers at number 28 on their latest list.


San Diego arguably was the most disappointing team in football a year ago. Despite the excitement that came with their Melvin Gordon draft choice, the Chargers fell from back-to-back 9–7 finishes all the way down to 4–12 in ’15. The Chargers should be more competitive this season, even if the record doesn’t show it.

Why would the Chargers get any love though? After the meltdown the team had last season, they will have to prove that they can win games this season before anyone starts showing any love in this direction. The team will have to start winning some game and then they can start turning some heads.

Last season, the team had a horrendous offensive line that was riddled with injuries. There were not many changes made up front there and we are all just hoping that they can stay healthy this season. HOPING. WISHING. Sounds like what we always seem to be doing when we go into the season.

The Chargers will have to turn some heads to get any recognition. There is reason for optimism. This team was in a number of close games that they could have won and a little bit of health on our side could mean the difference. Can Mike McCoy make the right calls to win the close games? Can the defense make the stops needed? Can Philip Rivers score enough touchdowns?


  • The team has Philip Rivers running the offense and that should mean we will move the ball up and down the field.
  • Ken Whisenhunt should be a good influence on the offense and help this team establish a ground attack.
  • Joey Bosa can be a game changer as soon as he is added to the defense. He will help a much improved defensive line to create a solid defense.

The potential for this team is there. They just have to stay healthy and have to prove that they can win the close games.

28th? It is too early to tell, but I can see this team competing with the other teams in our division and if we get some luck on our side, take this division title.

What rank do you think the Chargers should be at to start the season? I would say around 20 or the late teens.