Terrible things that could happen to the Chargers in 2016


It’s the offseason. Fans of all teams start hoping and believing their favorite franchise has the chance to make a serious run at the Super Bowl.

All sorts of sports experts talk about how any team is looking better than ever, and the Chargers are no exception. We hear about some of the great things that could happen this season, but what about some bad things that could happen?

Before I get into some terrible pessimism, know that I don’t think all, if any, of these things are going to happen. These are just some instances that would derail the hopes of us Charger fans.

Philip Rivers gets injured

This would be a shock to the entire NFL. Rivers is one of the most reliable players on any roster starting 10 seasons without missing a game. The team relies heavily on his ability and leadership to help win games. Take him out of the equation and the Chargers’ offense is anything but good. Without a decent backup, the Chargers would find trouble remaining competitive.

Melvin Gordon has another below-average year

The Chargers traded up to grab Gordon in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Expectations were already very high for Gordon. To put it lightly, Gordon did not reach those expectations. Having one off year–especially a rookie year–is excusable, but if Gordon struggles in Year 2, the “Gordon is a bust” claims will be much harder to argue against.

Joey Bosa can’t keep up

Bosa, like Gordon, was a first-round pick for the Chargers and will also have the expectation to make an impact on day one. The talent is there, but the speed of the NFL and the jump in skill level of opposing linemen will be a challenge to overcome. Bosa was the first defensive player to come off the board in the draft. If he can’t make an impact, it might leave us not only questioning him but the ability of the Chargers front office as well.

Charger stars can’t finish a full 16

The Chargers have some Pro-Bowl talent on both offense and defense including players like Keenan Allen and Jason Verrett. Both of these players are heavily relied on to make a difference each and every game, but they have injury concerns. Also the drop in talent behind these players can be severe.

The offensive line remains a problem

We haven’t had the luxury of seeing a healthy and effective offensive line in what seems like forever. The Chargers brought in new talent at the center position by drafting Max Tuerk and bringing in veteran Matt Slauson, but if the pieces cant mesh and we are faced with another injury ridden offensive line, we might all forget the years of 1,000-yard rushing seasons.

Chargers finish at the bottom of the division

The AFC West is one of the most competitive divisions to be in. The Broncos are the reigning champs, the Chiefs seem to always be a decent team and the Raiders are up and coming. If the Chargers can’t find their footing, they will find themselves once again at the bottom.

Chargers decide to move

I don’t even want to talk about this, but it would be by far the worst news that could come out of this year for Charger fans. The team has an uphill battle in achieving a stadium in San Diego. If all options fail, the Chargers could search for greener pastures, and that green might be the smog over L.A.

Those are some of the worst things that could happen in 2016. What do you think? What are some terrible things that visit you in your nightmares about this upcoming season?