Chargers Mock Draft 3.0


Shakeup at the top!  The draft boards are scrambled.  What does it mean for the Chargers?


With the Rams moving up to the #1 spot and most likely selecting a QB, this means that Tunsil or Ramsey will be available for the Chargers guaranteed.  And maybe even both will be there if the Browns decide to take a QB as well.  That is not as certain since Cleveland picked up RGIII and now have the Rams picking in front of them.  The Rams may indeed take Cleveland’s guy, whoever that was.

With the #3 pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the San Diego Chargers select Laremy Tunsil!!!

So, who do the Chargers pick with that #3 pick.  My guess would be Jalen Ramsey, but we already covered that in Mock Draft 2.0 so lets roll the other way.

With the #3 pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the San Diego Chargers select Laremy Tunsil!!!

This would be a great selection for the Chargers.  Its no secret that King Dunlap has struggled to stay on the field the past couple of seasons.  Most of us fear that he is one concussion away from retirement.  Tunsil can step in day one and provide a long bright future at the left tackle position.  With Dunlap on the bench we see something we have not seen with the Chargers offense line in a long time – Depth.

The only problem with taking Tunsil is it ignores the 3 huge glaring needs that the Chargers have – Defensive Tackle, Center and Safety.

If these next two selections look familiar its because they are the same as Mock 2.0.  Forget BPA for this draft the Chargers need to address DT and Center and these next two picks do that.

With the 35th pick in the 2016 draft the Chargers Select… Vernon Butler, Kenny Clark or Austin Johnson.

The draft is deep with D-linemen.  Anyone of these 3 guys can step in and start at the other DT spot.  Pairing one of these guys with Liuget and Mebane greatly improves the Charger D-line and gives us hope that we may be able to stop a running back next year.

With the 66th pick in the draft the Chargers select … Max Tuerk.

Is Tuerk a reach here? Nah.  He was the top prospect a center at the start of 2016.  An injury sidelined him for his senior season and has caused him to slip down the draft boards.  Who does he remind me of… Nick Hardwick.  Similar build, talented, agile.  If you don’t think the value is there Nick Martin would be another choice.  The key point being that the Chargers need to find a solution at center this year.  THEY NEED TO FIND A SOLUTION.  (Side note… remember another 3rd round guy who slipped down the board due to injury… Could Tuerk be 2016’s Keenan Allen?)

A fourth round pick?  What do we do?  If the Chargers actually have this pick available they could go several ways with it.  Look for a safety to develop, pick up a guard or get another linebacker to provide depth.  This is the point in the mock where you start second guessing the Tunsil selection.  While it would be nice to have a stud LT, having the safety of the future might be better for the Chargers.  The loss of Weddle is going to leave a void on defense.  Ramsey could help fill that.  The Chargers are highly unlikely to find the safety of the future in the 4th round.

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And then there is the 3rd option that many of you might be screaming for… Myles Jack.  A talented LB coming off a knee injury that the Chargers want to convert to a safety.  Too many questions marks in there for me, but TT likes to roll the dice every once in a while.

14 days left and then we will know for sure.