Chargers need to invest in real talent in free agency


The time to win is now! Why is it that we want to fill every hole on this roster with someone that is young and HOPEFULLY will be the savior for the next 10 years! We can’t do that with every hole that we have on this roster. Not even the champion Denver Broncos did that! When they signed Peyton Manning on their roster he was coming off of a neck injury and we didn’t even know if he would be able to last that next season. Manning replaced the younger Tim Tebow.

We won’t be able to fill every spot with someone that is young and we will have to find a way to sign some big name players. Philip Rivers doesn’t have a lot of time left to run this offense. He already has tossed around the idea of retirement before, so we need to get talent around him NOW! Now is the time to win! We don’t know what we will have at quarterback in the future, but for at least a few more years we have the talent at quarterback that can lead us to a championship.

The Chargers don’t have a lot of those pieces right now. They will have to be better in the draft and find some studs that can make some plays. Melvin Gordon better turn out to be a stud. DJ Fluker has to step his game up. Keenan Allen has already shown that he can be a top flight player. Jason Verrett has made it to the Pro Bowl already. The drafts have brought in some nice players. We need to make a splash now.

This isn’t a rant to sign aging players. This is a rant to sign some stars to fill out this roster now! Muhammad Wilkerson should be on this team’s radar. Eric Berry should be on this team’s radar. Stud players need to be brought in to make some plays and we can’t miss on the draft.

Imagine having those studs on this defense! Wilkerson with Liuget dominating the defensive line with Denzel Perryman and Manti Te’o making plays behind them. With those two up front, it will take attention off of the outside linebackers to put in work. Then add in a player like Joey Bosa onto the roster from the draft! Verrett making big time plays in the secondary and Darian Thompson making plays at safety with Berry! DOMINATION! We wouldn’t be talking about stupid field position anymore. We would be talking about Philip Rivers getting half the field to work with and we would be talking about touchdowns all day long!

The Denver Broncos went all in for the last few years for Peyton Manning. They signed Aqib Talib. They added DeMarcus Ware to the defense. They added TJ Ward. They filled out their holes on their defense with some studs and had some good drafts to fill out the other spots. We already have a decent base to work with. Time to fill it out with some monster players!

What the hell do we need on offense? We need a center and a tackle and a wide receiver. Hoping that Dontrelle Inman or any of those other undrafted players to pan out is a joke. Find some talent and let Philip Rivers enjoy. Peyton Manning had Demayrius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to create for him. Philip has Keenan Allen and some scrubs.

If Philip Rivers is our best weapon on offense, why wouldn’t we want to take advantage of his skill by getting some talent around him? Peyton Manning has always had talent around him. He had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne for the longest time in Indianapolis. In Denver he had Demayrius and had Eric Decker before Emmanuel Sanders came along. I just wonder what it would be like for Philip to have some Pro Bowl talent around him.

I am tired of 10 year plans. Philip Rivers has maybe 4 years left. That is the plan that we should be looking at right now. The time to win is now! If the Chargers eff around like they did last season, the people that are calling the shots now won’t be around much longer anyway to deal with the mess in 10 years. Win now! Bring in talent now!