The Final Wrap Up: Chargers Lose 27-20 in Denver


Dec 6, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd (80) is introduced before the game against the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Well Bolt Beat fans, we just saw the final game of the 2015 season. The defense hung in as long as they could, without the offense having enough healthy starters on the field. I still have to hand it to them. They managed to put up 20 points on a defense that I thought was going to destroy them. Unfortunately, injuries were happening left & right, which has been a constant for years.

Still, the defense came out & made it a game, until they just tuckered out. Stevie Williams was an absolute madman today, and is starting to regain the confidence of fans, and making Tom Telesco’s “A-Plus” then “F Plus” first draft look a little shinier. Buy that man a cigar Telesco. Te’O probably doesn’t smoke, but you can give him one too, so him and Perryman can share it back at the hotel.

Anyway, the game started off looking like the Chargers were going to do their usual “get blown out” routine, but they made it a game against a ridiculously elite defense. I mean, they had Cassius Vaughn covering Demaryius Thomas, which is ludicrous. Pagano seems to have made the best of this unit, without having a defensive line to speak of, a disgruntled star safety, a middle linebacker who gave up, two starting corners who were constantly revolving on & off the field, and no real strong safety to speak of. Melvin Ingram broke ten sacks for the first time in his career, and Attouchu looks promising. Square was a dark horse today, as well.

The theme on most sites for the duration of the season is to draft a defensive tackle or defensive end in the first round. Yet, the offense struggles to score points. Floyd is retiring; Gates still looks like he has a year in him, and that was a SWEET one-handed grab! A top three pick could be used on a DT, a WR, an O-Lineman, or even a safety, unless they are going to franchise tag Weddle. I won’t start getting into that, because Free Agency hasn’t happened, but the Chargers clearly need help in the trenches.

As for Mike McCoy, it has been said that he may be losing his job. It has been said he is keeping it. There are a few guys out there that I wouldn’t mind kicking the tires on, but quite honestly, I’m not sure what to make of the organization as a whole right now. How do you keep a locker room focused under these circumstances? I’m not making excuses for him, because he has had some horrific moments, and his rhetoric is getting tired. But, he is still a new coach, and he had to answer the media for the majority of the season when everyone was groping for information, and management took a back seat. And, still try to keep his head straight and lead a team in the shadows of its darkest moment. Say what you want about 1-15, but this seemed like the worse situation.

Still, the team has both John Pagano & Mike Nolan. Nolan has turned the linebacker unit around. Pagano is well respected, and actually was mentioned as a head coach candidate who had “something to prove” before this season. Reich probably should be demoted back to Wide Receivers or QB coach, because he has not shown me anything in regards to being able to competently call plays outside of the box in the running game; if he doesn’t take a job somewhere else. So, if we see McCoy go, Pagano could find himself in line, with Nolan at DC. Or, they could keep things the way they are. Or, try to bring in someone new.

If they are going to make a change, they should start interviewing today. That may prove to be an awkward interview with some of the top tier candidates, as the Chargers don’t even have a final decision on what city they will be in for the next 10 days. But, they should at least know who will be coaching their team next season, and set up interviews now, if necessary.

As for this site, we want to thank all of you for your continued support, and we will start talking about free agency soon. Enjoy watching the playoffs, and the Superbowl. I will continue to put up threads for that, so I hope you will all come back and join us. Until then, be safe, be good, and remember to wear your Chargers jersey to the grocery store on weekdays.

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence,

Your friend Pete