Open Thread: San Diego Super Chargers @ Broncos


Over the last decade, Charger fans have usually been getting ready to watch a team that still has a shot at getting into the dance, even if it is a long one. The play of Philip Rivers during the month of December has been something that has kept the Chargers in playoff contention, and forced even the most confident media reporters from truly counting the Bolts out of clinching a playoff spot. This season has been a much different story. As the team turns the final page of the calendar, moving forward into the new year, uncertainty surrounds almost every aspect of the team.

One thing that is certain is that Malcom Floyd will be playing his last game in a Charger jersey. Not only do I want to thank him for being a blessing to this team, but I want to thank him for quietly being a rock. When everyone was getting loud, Malcom stayed quiet, and chose his words carefully. When the going got tough, he showed he was tougher. When some thought he was done, he showed us what true strength is. He is the class of the organization, and I want to let him know what a pleasure it has been to watch him play. Good luck kind sir, and I hope to still see your smiling face from time to time. Now… GO KILL IT SON!!!!!

This will be an emotional game. Mike McCoy has been reported to be on his way out. Reich & Pagano could be looking to move on to other teams. Pagano may actually be interviewing for head coaching jobs, believe it or not. Maybe he is our next head coach. I wouldn’t say that it is out of the realm of possibility. Except for Malcom retiring, the only other certainty is that Philip Rivers will be wearing a Charger jersey next season, so let’s hope that he has a great game, and Floyd goes out on a good note. I know that Rivers will be doing his best to make sure that we all close out the season with a smile on our face, and that he & Malc have a lot of fun out there.

Enjoy the last open thread of the season. I love each and every one of you, despite what I may say. You have always supported the open threads, and have kept me waking up on game day to post them. You are all great fans, near & far… old & young… and even if some of us have serious differences, and may get at each other from time to time, I hope you have a great 2016, and that you all can find some joy in this last open thread. That’s what being a Charger is all about.

Go Chargers!