Chargers Lose Another Close Game


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The San Diego Chargers fought valiantly today. Arrowhead stadium is one of the loudest, and most intimidating places to play in the NFL. It was raining, the ball was slippery, and the Chargers lost their starting left tackle in the early stages of the game. Chris Hairston came in, as a back up left tackle, and did his best. However, the Kansas City Chiefs top-notch pass rush, and stadium noise, was more than he can handle. He must look at this game as a learning lesson, and not a failure. The season wasn’t on the line, even if the game was. In fact, it just shows that the Chargers still have fight in them, even on the road against a team that beat them 33-3 in their own stadium just weeks ago.

The defense went on the road into a hostile place, and only allowed one touchdown, and a field goal. They did not allow any points in the second half. Jerry Attouchu logged a sack, and got another special teams turnover after knocking the ball loose on a return. Verrett logged his third INT, ended Alex Smith’s turnoverless streak, and Smith avoided him foir the rest of the day. Addae almost grabbed one, but it was a slippery ball day in the rain. Perryman, Te’O, Emanuel, and Philon all had notable performances. Robinson continues to perform well on the outside. Despite a play where he let the receiver get behind him for a touchdown, Weddle continues to prove that he is worth a contract. I am very proud of this group for stepping up today.

Rivers was sacked or pressured on the majority of his plays, but still managed to push the limits. Sure, he had a tip-ball interception, some errant throws, and he didn’t get some plays off in time. Probably missed an opportunity here and there. But, he continues to show his toughness, even in the face of awful officiating.  Under the circumstances, I can’t fault him, even for letting the play clock run out at the end of the game. I’m surprised he was still standing. I just need to look at his jersey to know that. He was hit hard, and often… mostly from behind. I give him the most respect for hanging in there. He is a true professional.

As for the rest of the offense, I thought Gordon played well, Gates played well, Green played OK, Woodhead played well when he wasn’t being neutralized, and for all of the negativity that surrounded Vincent Brown, he was one of the many players who gave this team a fighting chance.

But, I want to give the game ball to a guy who was overlooked for a roster spot. Javontee Herndon has earned a spot on this roster. Not only for his special teams ability, but he was getting open all day. He wasn’t Hopkins or Beckham out there, but he continues to prove his worth. I hope the chargers realize he deserves a shot to compete with Inman, and whoever else they bring in.

As for the bad on offense, the offensive line needs work. Kansas City’s defensive line is no joke, but the depth committed too many mistakes today, and were clearly overwhelmed. Particularly at the center position, and left tackle position. Philip is throwing in a phone booth every week, and sometimes not even that. He is being sacked at an alarming rate, and something has to change. With a top pick in the draft, I hope they address that.

Last, but not least… I want to give a shout out to my man Malcom Floyd. He dropped a crucial pass today, but it’s OK. He later caught a crucial pass, so call it what you will. He has been a great Charger, and those who want to stack him up against other players, or tarnish the commitment he has made to this team in one sentence are just plain wrong. He is my favorite Charger, one of my favorite people, one of the best receivers to grace the field, and one of the classiest human beings alive. If we all had half of the class, positivity, & dedication that this man has, this season would not appear to be as dreary. Keep on trucking M80!

Anyway, thanks for hanging out, and commenting on the open thread today. I know it isn’t always easy, but, I’m glad we made it a game. As much as I dislike a loss, Cleveleand won, and San Francisco distances themselves from us in the hunt for a top pick. So, today wasn’t a total loss. Here’s to the Cowboys upsetting the Packers in Lambeau.

Have a great rest of your Sunday, and see you week!