We Are The Lightning Flowers


This game was not pretty. We knew it wouldn’t be before the ball was snapped.

The Bad… and there was SO much of it:

Rivers threw his 5th pick-six (and almost a six, because of Gates, but got away with it on a defensive holding call), Gordon fumbled again, Inman left the game with what looked like a Floyd type injury, Flowers was carted off, Ingram looks like he has suffered another knee injury, Tyrell Williams was SOMEHOW inactive, the offensive line was clearly overmatched, Verrett looks like he is afraid to lower his shoulder on tackles after two surgeries, tackling is still a major issue three years into this campaign, third and longs are easily obtained, big plays are negated on the very next play by giving up huge chunks of yardage which make the previous good play a moot point, the offense refuses to step up and capitalize on anything the defense puts in front of them (healthy or not), the offensive line penalties have become a joke & negate any play the offense makes (healthy or not), Melvin Ingram needs to keep his hands to himself (this has to be the tenth time I have seen him roughing the QB).. I like the enthusiasm though… the refs were atrocious, and have been across the league, and the announcers know it, the “officiating experts” just need to go away & are there SOLELY to explain away ridiculous calls, and should just go back to being silent (we all have eyes), but I will order my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring this year to try to even BEGIN to understand the madness that you call a rulebook (The noodles are in the pot, and they are BOILIN I tell ya.. the fix is in). Or, they are just incompetent.

I actually heard that Dean Blandino wanted younger/healthier officials after the referee lockout, so they could run sideline to sideline, and we traded that for experience. Well, the old guys were crooked, and so are these guys. So, what’s the friggin’ difference. There is clearly favoritism, and poor officiating going on. The Chargers moving to L.A. won’t affect my fandom. Poor officiating might make me stop watching football altogether. Especially after the Lions game, when Rogers was given another play on a stupid call. That call put him into a position to win the game. It was yet another call which the NFL “expert officials” defended. I saw similar calls against Ingram in today’s game. The worst is the run up the middle, which is their “Go-To Move” on every series, and usually ends up in holding calls. It works once out of ten times for a first down, and you can almost hear them saying “there… see… we are right… it works.” Just stop already! It doesn’t. It hasn’t. It won’t. I actually thought after McCoy’s 4th & 7, the Reich might change it up. Nothing. Maryland, please just hire someone else, and let this guy flip burgers. Pagano: please go join your brother in Indy with Manusky so you can figure out who can run the worst defense.

The Good, and there was SO little of it:

Reyes had a tipped ball which saved us on a drive. Ingram was at least applying pressure. I thought Attouchu & Liuget played pretty well. Perryman was taking angles, and hitting people. Te’O may have been sighted here and there. Verrett had another INT, which at least lets me know he is a ballhawk, even if he can’t tackle because of his bad shoulders… but, bad running backs shouldn’t be getting into the secondary on every other play. The punting game still seems somewhat legit. Scifres pinned it, but the defense gave it all back. Herndon seems to be advancing. He is a player that I think is improving with each game, and is good depth. Woodhead is just a blessing, and recovering nicely from the broken leg. Dare I say Donald Brown played well? Gordon, despite the fumble, doesn’t look like he is phased by any of this, which lets me know there is still hope there. Gates and Rivers seem to be having some type of competition of who is going to be a Charger longer, and they are both playing at a high level, so I don’t see #85 retiring next season. Weddle had a nice hit. SOMEBODY slammed Osweiler to the ground, and told him his mother is a bitch on that QB sneak, which I loved. Philip Rivers… it was a horrible throw, but when even the announcers, who can’t get Charger player names right, say that you are the best QB at throwing in a phone booth, I can’t help but wish more for you, because that booth has gotten smaller.. and smaller… and smaller…. And you are actually running for a couple first downs these days. Kudos.

The Broncos are a MUCH better team, even with a backup QB. Osweiler has been playing pretty great, and his contract is up this season, so let’s see if his agent has the balls to demand the money to make force the Broncos to keep him in a weak QB market, and stay on board. The playoffs will probably show Denver’s cards. Or, if Denver sticks with a QB who can’t feel his fingers, can’t get the ball outside the numbers, and has plantar fasciitis (THREE I’S IN THAT WORD.. SCRABBLE GOLD!). Gates knows all about plantar fasciitis. Seeing that there are practically no QB’s worth drafting, and they will be picking at the end of the draft, Osweiler would appear to be the future. Is he a Roethlesberger caliber QB though? Does he need to be? The Broncos have other players coming up on contract.

But, I digress…. Thank you for attending the open thread today. The Best part of Bolt Beat is its followers, and it’s content. When I look at the thread, I know who those people are. It’s not the numbers (and, we have had the highest numbers on these open threads, and out articles), but it’s the people who stick around, and don’t dip out. It’s the people who get off work, and check in. It’s the people who get it. It’s the silent majority, who I know are watching, but still vote, and don’t comment. It’s the fans who make this site great.

I am just a bystander with a password. I don’t get paid. I just write for the love. I hope y’all don’t ditch the Chargers, even if they move to Los Angeles. It’s about the Bolt. It’s about what’s hanging in my closet, it’s about the friendships I have made. It’s about my Charger family. Please don’t just go away because of anger. I am pleading that no matter what happens, we still remain strong, and stand by each other. We are the Lightning Flowers. We have been struck by the Bolt. None of us can deny that.

Bolt Up

Peter Thompson

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