LA Chargers News believes that Chargers head coach Mike McCoy should be safe


Everyone that has watched the San Diego Chargers this year has seen the mess that has been trotting out onto the field day in and day out. The fans have been calling for the head of head coach Mike McCoy after the team had dropped 6 straight games.

There are 5 games left on the schedule and the Chargers are not even in contention. Instead of gaining any momentum, this team is closer to taking the first pick in the NFL draft.

Even after this drop in production, believes that Mike McCoy is still safe. Here is what they have to say:

San Diego Chargers: A seven-game losing streak had many wondering if coach Mike McCoy could be gone after only three seasons. But he’s still the same coach that won 17 games in 2013 and 2014, including a road playoff win. General manager Tom Telesco hired McCoy here, and there is belief that McCoy has enough organizational support internally to keep his job.

This is what we were all afraid of. This is the main reason that we want to have our head coach fired in the middle of the season. We don’t want to see him come back with that same ol’ mess that he has brought to the sideline.

Could McCoy start changing his ways and getting a little more aggressive in his gameplan? If there is any hope, we can look at the Carolina Panthers and see what they  are doing. Coach Ron Rivera was close to getting the ax at one point with Carolina, but they stuck with him and he then started taking a few more chances as the head coach. He started getting aggressive with his playcalling and developed the nickname Riverboat Ron. Now his team is still undefeated and could be the favorite in the NFC.

Can we see this transformation out of Mike McCoy? He did go for it on 4th down in the last game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on a situation we wouldn’t normally think he would do that.

If Mike McCoy sticks around, I hope that he can be a little more aggressive with the gameplan, but I also would like to see the coach make some changes in the coaching staff. Frank Reich and John Pagano have to go. A fresh approach needs to be brought to the offense and to the defense. Can McCoy can his coaches? He already had let go of his special teams coach. Can he get rid of the other coaches that are on his staff. If he can make that move, then I can at least look forward to a little something different for next year.

Drop Reich and drop Pagano and I can be OK with keeping McCoy as the head coach… but he would be on thin thin ice!