There Is Still A Season To Play


So, I just took quite the trip around the web.

I’ll get it out there immediately. I don’t want the Chargers to tank.

If you do, go examine yourself… and do it quickly. Giving up on your season for draft picks is unacceptable. That’s for quitters, and opportunists. If that’s what this organization is doing, I strongly disagree, and we hired the wrong guys.

P.S. –  They haven’t quit. There is NO player or draft order that is worth it to me, ever. Can you hear me in the back?

So, now we have gotten that out of the way….

I thought this was going to be the last ride of the 4 horseman. It hasn’t worked out that way.

I can’t give enough praise to Rivers, Floyd, Gates, and Weddle. I own all of their Jerseys, and every one of them is sacred to me.

If you think that every coach on this team isn’t trying their best, I don’t know what to tell you. They may not be the best in the league, but none of them look like they aren’t completely decimated by what has happened this season. They all look like family guys, who go home worked to the bone with the weight of the world on their shoulders. I hope they have as cool of a wife as I do, who knows what a hard week’s work means. Who have a family that misses them when they come home, and don’t complain that much. Have a hot meal waiting, and don’t bombard them with “why aren’t you home?” stuff. Maybe a cold beer waiting for them, as they sit in front of next week’s game plan.

I guess what I’m saying is that I appreciate it. I am not happy with this season, by any means. I am not happy with a lot of stuff. But, for Christ’s sake, it’s football. There is a lot of time & effort that goes into it, and I am not here to discredit it.

I may say bench this guy, and keep this player…. don’t cut him, because he will improve… then they cut him… and be right when they replace another, but be wrong when some UDFA works out instead of a starter. But, please know that we write because we love it.

It may seem like it sometimes, but it isn’t about shock & awe…. Except for Raider week…. Then, it’s a total horror show. But, we don’t just post stuff to get a reaction. We post it because something’s got to go up, and we put the best guys forward to get the job done. Sound familiar?

Personally, I don’t have a whole different set of life challenges in front of me than most understand. But, my wife has always supported me with my blogging. Can you imagine the guys that are trying to squeeze articles in, while still running Church… little league… second jobs… family functions… Just doing it for the love, like me? I’m going to succeed, and this site is already a success… go check out the rest of Fansided. Be proud. No matter what the X’s & O’s show, this site has heart. Don’t ever forget that. So do many others. Charger fans are special. They are different.

This site Beats every day.

Keep following, keep commenting, keep supporting, keep loving the Chargers…. Try hard.

Even if they leave SD, which would break my heart, REMEMBER!!!!!!! Nobody owns the Chargers except for Chargers fans. Not the Spanos family, not Disney, not you… not anybody. The Chargers own the Chargers. Nuff said.

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence.