Cutting to the Chase: A Late Night Post


Oct 25, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders fans cheer during the second quarter against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason has been very tumultuous.

So, are the Chargers leaving? Are they going to share a stadium with the Rams in Inglewood? Is Downtown an option? If the Chargers Bolt to L.A., will the arrangement be equal, or will the Chargers be walking into the Lion’s Den? Will they be splitting the difference, or worse, no matter what? Will they be controlling their own destiny in L.A.? Will they be controlling their own destiny with the Hoteliers in downtown S.D.? Will Mission Valley ever make them happy? Will Mickey Mouse be our new mascot? They might succeed in L.A., S.D., somewhere else, or not at all….

Who knows?

I believe in controlling my own destiny, personally.

The fact that so many NFL owners agree with this L.A. move lets me know where it’s at. There is some shady business in place. Goodell, Rooney, Kraft, Jerry Jones, and all the other East Coast manipulators couldn’t care less about the Chargers, and probably think the West Coast will one day fall into the ocean. What have these guys EVER done for the Chargers? They assign Ed Hoch-a-Lughi Buff-Tard, & Jeff “eyebrow sweepers” Triplette to officiate us like bad medicine! They don’t want the Chargers to succeed, unless they can control them to make themselves look good, and probably get some side strange through the NFL backdoor.

Spanos and Fabiani are going to have to stand up to their BS. Or, probably they’ll just roll over. I hope they are somehow jerking their chains, that the SD community doesn’t have to pay too much to keep the Chargers, and the city & county will support it too. Turn into Green Bay, and own the team as a community.

There’s my fluffy dream. I have lighting & thunder shooting from my eyes no matter what happens, so whatevs.

Still, what led us here?

Home games are a friggin’ atrocity.

The truth is that a lot of the season ticket holders are fake, have been bought off, and/or are reselling. The scalpers are calling themselves “resellers”, and they are buying all the season & single game tickets up, and selling them the highest bidder at inflated prices. They feel the end coming in SD, are “Cashing Out”, and hiding behind a weak excuse of waving goodbye to the team, and the Spanos Family. They are just taking advantage of a shady market.

The Spanos family has worked with these miscreants over the years, and they are now reaping what they have sown in SD.  They tried to force the Raiders fans to buy multiple game tickets this year, but couldn’t keep them out.. why? It was intentional, despite the multiple ticket facades. They are just trying to put people in seats, no matter what jersey they wear. Fans couldn’t buy single game tickets from the website, except at the box office, and neither could our fans! Basically, while you were at work, “resellers” & Raider fans were buying up all your seats at the game you don’t want to go to… the resellers are the ones claiming to be “businessmen”, though. Raider fans just want to see their team play. Can’t hate on that… but I guess there weren’t that many Charger fans willing to take the day off for tickets, or go to a Raider game. I’ve been to one, and I semi-can’t blame them.

The resellers bought the tickets, and sold them on the open market to other Raider fans. Same with the Steelers fans… Bears fans… Charger fans, etc. You had to walk up to the window to buy single game seats, or have a side deal with the Chargers… nuff said. Both scenarios happened.

If you were an out-of-state fan, you had to buy your seat for a single game through a “reseller”… isn’t that convenient? Both the Chargers & resellers hiding behind schemes which allow resellers who have lackeys in the local area to buy up the season seats, and profit … and resell them to you at an inflated price. So, you can get whipped in the face by a terrible towel, or be surrounded by black shirts in nose-bleed seats. Awesome!

The Chargers put a system in place from the get-go, so out of state Charger fans would have to drive to SD to buy them, or get a friend to do it, or deal with the black market.

Here’s a quote from an out-of state fan (who we have many on this site), & also some links that the Chargers posted about two of our recent home games… both losses… and couldn’t be more inviting to the opponent.

Out-Of-State Fan:

“Well, that SUCKS! I am a die-hard Chargers fan, and live out of state. Now, let me jump in my car, and drive for 6 hours, or hop on a plane to get first crack at tickets, before all the scalpers go to the ticket office and buy them. This is a prick move Chargers! Way to screw your loyal fans that are not CLOSE TO you! The last 2 years I have been forced to use a scalper, or not buy tickets at all this year. I have been watching faithfully so I can score some tickets from the source, but you screwed me again! Nose-Bleeds or nothing, I guess. If that is the case, my family will make a different family Vacation this year… done overpaying for tickets!

The Chargers sure love the Steelers too!!!!!

“The Chargers’ 2015 home schedule is loaded with entertaining, exciting opponents, most notably the reigning AFC North Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, who will be making their first visit to San Diego since 2006”. – Glad we could sell those fans tickets to Non-Out-Of-State-Chargers!

Oh… they also Love the Bears… Don’t worry!!!!

“The ever-popular Chicago Bears, who will be making their first foray (by the way, here’s the definition of foray… a sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory, especially to obtain something; a raid) into Qualcomm Stadium since 2007. The schedule also includes a visit from the Detroit Lions, a playoff team in 2014”.

So glad they rolled out the red carpet for Jay Cutler on their own website… how classy. A FRIGGIN FORAY!!!!!!!!!

Who is responsible, besides Spanos, and the entire front office?

This hack.

“We are in the midst of one of our strongest ticket sales offseasons in years,” said Ken Derrett, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. “Sales are up nearly 13% over this time last year. There is definitely excitement building for this season. We expect tickets to some of our high-demand games to sell quickly.”

You wonder where the Chargers need to make real decisions. Fire this guy for this statement alone! Before you fire anyone else. This statement exacerbates the whole culture of the organization from him up, and probably down.

Read it yourself here:

So, wave goodbye. Keep reselling tickets. Get free dogs & beers for your kiddies & fam-bam. Sell tickets to opponents in the name of capitalism, but don’t attend games, and complain. Golf Clap. Keep acting like you care on your blog, your radio show, and your bought out newspaper, your stock options, your part-time job, your racetrack horse-petting life. Yeah, YOU!

No matter what happens… be a Charger. It’s not the city. It’s a life!

There are REAL Charger fans who wear it very well. But, when the rubber hits the road, you aren’t like us. You can’t connect to us.

What to Do:

Keep listening to the game call on the radio. Stop caring about draft picks, stop editing posts on threads, keep taking it to work on casual Friday, and most importantly…. TALK HARD! Because nobody can tell you how to live, why to live, and what you should be sayin’. Just believe that there is a Charger Way, and we all expect that kind of class, and respect.

I’ll see you on the next Open thread.

Get well Malc, Get Well J-Feeva, Get Well KA13, Get Well P-Man, Get Well Frank-O American, Get Well Fetty Watt, Get Well Flukish, Get Well Bo Jangles, Get Well Weeds, Get well Reyes, Get well Mr. Legit, Get Well Reverend Green… in the study… with the lead pipe… rest up y’all.

“In order for an electrostatic discharge to occur, two preconditions are necessary: (1) a sufficiently high electric potential between two regions of space must exist; and (2) a high-resistance medium must obstruct the free, unimpeded equalization of the opposite charges.”