Chargers Fall to 2-6, and Bottom Of The Division


Nov 1, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker (9) reacts after making the game-winning field goal to beat the San Diego Chargers 29-26 at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, that was a horrible dance Tucker performed after that game-winning kick. I think he is my new “white players can’t dance” champion, and has officially unseated Peyton Manning & Wes Welker’s “Achy-Breaky Nightmare” dance last season, which was a complete atrocity. That may actually be even more of an accomplishment than making that kick! I think I am most angry at the Chargers for allowing that dance to happen.

I didn’t catch parts of the game today, and decided to hang out with my wife. So, forgive me if I am off on any of this, but I will attempt to write a decent review anyway. I pretty much knew that the Chargers would keep it close, but ultimately lose by making ridiculous mistakes, in heartbreaking fashion. My fantasy opponent had Rivers & Floyd today, and I knew they would both have awesome games just to spite me, but still somehow lose. I was 110% correct on this. So, I got two Chargers gut punches today. Awesome!

I didn’t see the play, as I was listening to the play call in the car on the radio. But, Philip Rivers fumbling the snap on 3rd & 1 was mind numbing, and forced us to punt the ball away. That took the cake for me. It sounded very similar to another Halloween play Rivers bungled in Kansas City. I heard them mentioning that Jacoby Jones made some bad decision that ended up costing the team big. You guys will have to bring me up to speed on that.

I managed to watch the final drive, which I knew would be the end of it for the Chargers. Pagano is totally incapable of preparing his defense to stop a team on a game-winning drive. All the Ravens had to do was get into field goal range to win it with their awesome kicker. Verrett had some decent plays today, but seemed totally out of rhythm, for the most part. He got burnt on a crucial sideline play. There was ZERO doubt that that pass was going to be a back-shoulder sideline catch, and he had his back turned to the receiver when he caught it… looking downfield. He is a young player, and he will learn from that one. Stevie Williams made a great play right afterward, but then got called on a questionable interference call, as the receiver flopped & took a dive. The refs, as usual, were awful today. But, the Chargers should be used to that by now, and adjust. Jahleel Addae was even worse than the refs.

There were so many injuries today that I could barely keep up with them. If Tom Telesco still thinks it’s “just football”, or “bad luck” he should resign today. Strength & conditioning was a problem when he came in, and it has actually become even worse, which is ludicrous! I saw people asking if we could have Dr. Chao back on the open thread. That should let you know that you backed the wrong horse, and should get someone new TODAY, for the sake of the player’s health. The company that sells Chargers walking boots must be making a fortune!

Philip Rivers… I love you man… I just ordered my powder blue jersey, finally. But, if I was “shaming” you on the internet, your sign would be “I have record setting days, and am excellent 90% of the time, but I make crucial mistakes when the game is on the line that cost my team the win”. Not that I don’t know this team is being improperly coached, and it should not come down to one man’s mistake. But, it is a fact that Rivers botches plays in critical moments. Charger fans will have to accept, and live with it, apparently. Having said that, I refuse to feel bad for a guy who makes millions of dollars, and shows a pattern of consistently bungling things. Fix it, and fix it now.

If you thought the Chargers were out of playoff contention last week, they are even further out of it today. To add insult to injury, the Chiefs won today, and the Chargers are officially in last place for the first time in years. I am not going to be the guy to call for people to be fired; start talking about next year’s draft, or be the one who goes on another tirade this week about whose shoulders this falls upon. I imagine that their jobs are all snuggly-safe, as always. Especially with the extent of the injuries that our players have suffered this season, and the absolute apathy that this organization has shown when it comes to letting coaches go. That’s their job, and their bed to sleep in. I’d say that there is only a 25% chance that the right moves will be made this off-season. The Chargers are now the laughing stock of the AFC West, and who would want to come here? I don’t even think that this organization could bring in quality players, because they can’t get them.

So, I’m going to wrap this up. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween, because I most definitely did. Go be with your families, or friends. Shake this completely expected loss off, and focus on the things in your life that really matter. I’ll see you here next week, so we can watch our team get their butts handed to them by another mediocre team, the Chicago Bears, on Monday Night Football. This one should be fun, because Rivers will be losing to his nemesis, Jay Cutler. I can’t wait for the smarmy post-game Cutler conference. Thanks for reading!

Go Chargers, or not…. I guess?