Chargers – Who’s to Blame? Part 3


As I watched highlights from the Chargers game I was sickened to hear the Raider fans echoing in our stadium cheering their team to victory. How demoralizing it must be for the Chargers players to feel like outsiders in their own house. Who’s to Blame for this? Who could have built such a large rift between the team and the city that people don’t even want to show up to the games?

Spanos, the kingpin.

To be fair, I like Dean.  I think that he has put together a great product over many years.  He has been here for the ups and downs and I feel like we shared them together for better or for worse.  I think he really wants to stay in San Diego.  I think he has been disappointed that in the past 13 years he has not been able to get a stadium deal done.  I get it.  And I am thankful that he put together a franchise which I have enjoyed watching over the years.

But something changed when Dean handed the reigns over to AG and John.

Now, for me, it all feels like it is based on money. While they tell us they want to stay in San Diego, they push hard to get to LA.  Afraid to do their own dirty work they sick Fabiani on the City of San Diego to unprofessionally, harshly and inaccurately criticize the City’s stadium plan, which can only be scene as an attempt to embarrass the city of San Diego.

Why go to LA?  Why undo over 50 years of NFL history in San Diego.  Why steal the Chargers away from the only home they have ever had?

I don’t know, but it all feels like money.  Make a better product in a larger town.  Make them like the Lakers and then… SELL!

I am guessing here, but I would bet a milkshake on it.  I have seen no love from these guys for the City of San Diego or for the Chargers or even for football.  You need to be a fan to be an owner. This was Dad’s and Grandpa’s project not theirs.  This is not a passion or a team.  This is business.  Make your product shiny and sell at the high point and walk away.

I could be wrong here but this is what it feels like to me.

And I think the city feels it as well. Between that feeling, them unleashing Fabiani on us, their unwillingness to work with the City and their hot pursuit of LA while telling us they want to stay, they have offended the fan base and people don’t want to show up or don’t even care anymore.

But maybe that was their goal – to make the City not care.  To get us to the point where we would ask them to leave.

I also wonder if it is why they are letting this team flounder right now. If the record is bad the City might even want the Chargers to leave more… hmmm.

I am spitballing here, but something does not seem right to me.  My spidey sense is tingling. And I have to wonder if there is some sort of kingpin orchestrating all of this.

If I am wrong, PROVE IT TO ME SPANOS! Negotiate with the city and get this stadium built. And by all means make some coaching changes to get this team competitive again.