Eff The Chargers!!!!!


This team is poorly managed, poorly coached, has no fan support, is injured, has made awful decisions in the draft, questionable free agency moves, let good players walk out the door & not replaced them, refuses to admit that their game plan isn’t working & don’t adjust, and the culmination is that really bad teams are now beating the pants off of us, along with the good teams.

There will be no playoffs. In fact, they will probably keep winning, and end up 7-9, and not get a good draft pick because of it. Not that it matters, because I have absolutely no confidence that Tom telesco could hit the blind side of a barn with his draft picks. Even if he is being handcuffed by ownership, the fact that he can’t get his coaching staff under control is embarrassing.

I’ve been watching other teams get better. I’ve been watching other teams make basic & smart decisions. I’ve been watching other teams hold their coaching staff accountable. Shoot, even Chicago got rid of Tressman. McCoy is just as bad. He needs to go. He needs to spend time with his family. He looks overmatched, and exhausted. Pagano continues to look like some uncle who the team appointed to give him something to do. Reich looks COMPLETELY out of his league. I would take whoever is calling plays for the Titans right now over him…. Oh, wait… we already let that guy go.

You made too many conservative decisions. You made this team even softer than when Norv & AJ were here. You let Norv beat you up, and traded away a decent lineman to them in a game you ended up needing lineman to win, but lost to them. You keep Donald Brown on the roster, but let Mike Ola get scooped up off the practice squad! You let Lissemore be your starter, and make no move to draft a defensive lineman until the latter rounds, and he is on IR.

All of this in light of the fact that you have ZERO run defense. You draft small corners & safeties who get burnt, or are constantly on the bench. You draft first round right tackles & running backs, and 3rd round guards, but make them centers. You give away TONS of pics to draft guys that are basically underperforming, or just OK.

Nobody understands your madness. Nobody gets why you can’t see what we see. You just keep on wasting everyone’s time, and making god awful decisions, while taking home huge paychecks. Meanwhile, we get to watch teams like the Raiders & Vikings making fools of you, with less talent.

Fix it! Or, just resign already. This should make you feel horrible. It makes us feel horrible. In fact, I’m not going to feel horrible anymore. I’m just going to keep running the open threads, and writing these deflated reviews to document how disgracefully this team is, and has been managed. Thanks guys! Kudos to the players…. Except for Flowers… again!