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Open Thread: Chargers Host Browns


Sep 27, 2015; Minneapolis, MN, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) celebrates his touchdown with wide receiver Stevie Johnson (11) during the second quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I never thought I would be this nervous about a home game against the Cleveland Browns, but here I am. I keep remembering when we went to Cleveland when Norv was flailing, and Robert Meachem dropped that fateful pass on a cold rainy day. But, at least today’s game will be played on home turf. It’s been raining, so let’s hope that injuries and ball security will not be an issue.


Last week, the Chargers offense couldn’t get anything going until it was much too late. The offensive line was like the medical tent in a war zone, and Rivers was getting creamed on seemingly every play. After they finally took him out, Allen had a nice TD, but the game was totally out of hand.

This week, I am looking for the offensive line, which probably will have at least two new players starting on it, to hold up just enough for Rivers to get the ball out. With a little luck, they can block well enough to get Woodhead & Gordon going. Also, I am looking for “The Aliens” to step up, and get open against a horrible Browns defense & secondary. Most of all, I want to see Rivers make better decisions this week. NO TURNOVERS!


Tackling has been atrocious. But, so has the Browns running game. With Carrethers starting, we should have more success plugging the middle. But, this team needs to wrap up at players, instead of whiffing, or getting dragged along for a 5-8 yard ride. The pass rush MUST step up! The OLB’s need to get to the QB. A little pass rush from Reyes & Liuget would be nice too. The backfield (I’m talking to you Weddle & Flowers) need to make some big plays, and force turnovers. That’s why you make what you make, right?

Special Teams:

If we have to settle for field goals, Lambo needs to be accurate. I also want to see every kick go for a touchback. This 2 out of 5 stuff has to stop! That’s why we let a perfectly good kicker go, and decided to go with him. It’s time for Lambo to deliver.

As for punts, Scifres needs to stop out-kicking his coverage. This unit is not good, as it is. Give your players time to get there, and make the play. Speaking of which, Stuckey needs to get his boys motivated, so they can actually make plays, and not put the defense immediately on their heels.


With all the young depth players on the field, they need to be disciplined! The last few weeks the refs have been doing their laundry out there. Dumb penalties that erase good plays, or put the team in an even bigger hole must be eliminated. This is a game that everyone put down as a win before the season started. The Chargers need to show they are not the unbelievably sloppy team that we have witnessed in 10 of the last 12 quarters.

One more thing… can we get a first quarter lead, and maintain it for once? Pretty please?

Keep Bolting toward Escellence!

Peter Thompson