First Half Wrap Up: 13-13


Oct 4, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) catches a touchdown pass whgile defended by Cleveland Browns cornerback Pierre Desir (26) during the first quarter at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The game started off with the Chargers defense coming out well on defense. Flowers and Reyes combined on a good play to force the Browns to punt. Unfortunately, the offensive line was still trying to get their feet under them, and guys were running free at Rivers who was backed up with awful field position. Keenan Allen had a drop that was almost a fumble. Then Philip threw a duck, but had no protection. Punt.

On the next series, the Browns started off with decent filed position. The defense DID seem to be hustling to the ball better. and there was actually some good tackling. Ingram got a hit on McCown, forcing a turnover. Unfortunately, the offense did nothing for the third turnover the defense has awarded them.. Rivers was under constant pressure, was sacked, and we punted.

The defense came out and held the Browns to 2-12, then 3-8.. But, then Flowers let’s Benjamin have 7 yards…. They go fo it on 4th…. and Flowers follows it up with a PI penalty. The Browns end up kicking a FG, and the 1st quarter without a lead stat STILL LIVES!

Lambo has been great today (must have read my article today) and kicks a touchback. Rivers gets the ball to Gordon on the outside for a nice gain. Then we have a scary moment, circa 2013. Malcom gets 1st down, but is shaken up on the play, and goes to the locker room with a reported concussion. Yet another starter on the injury report!  Hope he’s OK. Get well M80!!!! Then, Gordon gets stuffed in the backfield up the middle, and Woodhead hits the sideline for a gain. Then Green gets a nice gain, followed by Woodhead getting a nice first down after quick snap and play. Keenan gets mugged for an incomplete pass, but then follows it up with a BEAUTIFUL over the top catch , on a perfect pass by Rivers to end the 1st quarter lead curse!!!

Lambo forces returner to take a TB. And, Crowell opens with 30+ yards. Duke then catches an over-the-top TD on Butler, who should NEVER have been in coverage PAGANO!!!!

Another Kick off to the ten yard line….  SMH. Inman & Stevie Johnson with some good catches, first down. Gordon  with a scamper for 1st. Gordon  runs for a gain for 7, and Ladarius Green comes down with a a first down completion. Rivers has hit six different receivers at the 11:47 mark in the 2nd.

Rivers almost throws an INT to Inman, who is acting like A DB again. Malcom’s concussion is confirmed. The Browns bring pressure, and Rivers drops it off to Johnson for a couple. Lambo nails a 40+ FG. Tied at 10.

Browns get ball out to Duke Johnson for a big gain, as Te’O whiffs. Then Crowell hits a run, but it gets called holding. It’s 1St & 20. Butler with a tackl, and the Browns get called for offensive PI. On the following play, McCown is under pressure from Liuget, and he throws it away. Ingram wraps McCown up, causing 2nd & 30. Only to be followed up with a 14 yard gain. On 3rd & 15, Cleveland calls a timeout. They get 12 of it on a run, but it’s 4th down, and they punt.

The Chargers get the ball back inside the 15 yard line with 5:54 left. Gordon runs to the outside. Then catches a pass for a few. Rivers is 9-11 since sucking earlier.

Allen drops another easy pass, when we should have run the ball, and it’s 4th & 1. Even the announcers are questioning why we didn’t run it. Then, in typical Chargers fashion, Scifres shanks the punt, giving Cleveland great filed position at the 32.

Duke Johnson gets a1 yard gain. McCown tries to go over the top on a bomb to Benjamin, but Flowers shuts it down. They try a pass to Bowe, but Flowers is all over that one too. The team gives him a big celebration, and the Browns punt.

On the next drive, Allen gets 5 yards on a punt. Zero yards curse BROKEN! Whoopee! Then, Johnson catches a nice one for 10, first down. Woodhead follows up for a nice scamper for five, and another one where he is all alone in backfield for a big gain to 43!

Rivers throws it away on the next pass, wisely. Then the Browns get called for PI shoulder grab on Inman. This is their 6th penalty. Rivers throws an incomplete pass to Johnson, on good Browns coverage. It’s 2nd & 10, and we get it to Woodhead goes for 7, and it’s 3rd down at the 2 minute warning.

Rivers draws Browns offside for 7th penalty, and Rivers hits Johnson on the next play for a big gain for a 1st down. Then Rivers is under pressure, scrambles really well… and throws it away. Nice. Better decisions today. Rivers goes to Green, but it’s good coverage by Dansby, and is incomplete. Great throw by Rivers, regardless. Green appeared to go the wrong way on this play, due to  miscommunication, and Lambo hits a field goal. Great game today for Lambo!

Lambo gets ANOTHER touchback. McCown is sacked on the first play For the 3rd time. Great pass rush in the first half! SD calls a timeout, showing rare clock management skills. McCown is almost sacked again, but gets it out for a miraculous 6 yard gain. SD calls TO again. Nice to see them caring about time management.

But!!!!!! The next play, the defense gets no pressure, and Cleveland gets another first down, and the timeouts are wasted. To add insult to injury, Ingram jumps offside. The Browns follow it up with a pass to Benjamin for 11 yards & a first. The clock is running with 40 seconds left. Cleveland gets another pass for about 8 yards, and calls TO with 31 seconds left. Stevie Williams gets a PI covering Benjamin, even though he was out of bounds. the Browns are in FG range. Benjamin shreds coverage for another 1st down. McCown is almost sacked, but throws it away. 15 seconds left on the clock.

They throw a screen to Crowell, and get inside the ten… first down. 6 seconds left.

The field goal is good, and it’s a tie game going into the half.

Off to the locker room to make “adjustments”?