The Wrap Up: Chargers Lose Ugly Game


Today’s game was like chewing glass, which is getting to be pretty normal in the Telesco & McCoy era.

Before the game even started, they were down a starting CB, two tight ends, a kick returner, a starting safety, a right guard, and a pass rusher. We also activated a hobbled guard, CB, and center. The scary part is that we are now down a left guard, and possibly a QB. Orlando Franklin was carted off the field. Philip Rivers had a scary moment, where he looked like he was hurt, but continued to play. Apparently, the coaching staff finally heard the cries of fans to get him off the field, after being sacked 11 times in 11 quarters, and Kellen Clemens was put in. A wise move, should he need to play next week at home against the Browns defense, which THANKFULLY, looked awful against the (gulp) Raiders today.

I don’t even know where to begin with this game. It started out with the defense stopping the Vikings on the opening drive, just like they did against the Bengals last week. Stevie Williams gave the ball back to the offense, taking away points. It led to zero points. However, it wasn’t a muffed punt that put the Chargers on their heels this week.

It was, yet again, the run up the gut on every other play. The Chargers refuse to stick with what is working in the running game.  Gordon has looked great on almost every outside run. Then, the Chargers yank him, or run him straight up the gut again. This left the Chargers in 3rd and long all day. Furthermore, Branden Oliver didn’t even see the field until garbage time. This puts Philip rivers in a position to pass all day, which has not gone well this season. It got progressively worse, until it reached a crescendo at 3rd and 18.

There were so many bad offensive play calls, that fans immediately started ranting within minutes. It has become a very bad joke. I questioned in an article on Bolt Beat long ago, after Mike McCoy arrived in San Diego; Did he ever watch the game tapes that got Norv Turner fired? I’m guessing from the way he addresses the media, he hasn’t, and never will. Reporters may be curt, but they are one of the few voices between him and the fans.

Apparently, he is certain that the fans don’t deserve a coach that considers the mistakes of his predecessor. He hasn’t realized the mistakes of a man that brought years of frustration to a fan base, while coaching a team that should have been a Super Bowl winning franchise. McCoy’s failure to interject, and stop the bleeding, is unprecedented. At this point, I don’t even want to hear an explanation. I just want proper play calling, and results. He just got beaten by the same man that he replaced, and that team is NOT that good!

There are a lot of injuries on this team. For a second year, we head into the season mostly healthy, and are completely decimated within 3 games. Management has drafted players on the mend, made head-scratching choices, and driven the fans to the edge of madness. From coaching choices, to player choices, to in-game decisions, the fans have been asked to sit back and accept that there is change on the horizon.

Is there? Show us. We have no other option, but to wait.

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