San Diego Chargers: Tazz Answers Sergio’s Questions


The cool part about being part of the Bolt Beat family is we can do stuff like this.  Make a whole article where we answer a family member’s questions about the Chargers.  Can you do that on the front page of the UT? No way.

With no further ado – Tazz’s answers to Sergio’s questions about the Chargers…

1. Can playing in the slot help Allen find his rookie production?

I don’t think it will be the slot that will help him.  I think it will be the emergence of Stevie Johnson.  Last year’s teams put their #1 corner on Allen and he struggled.  I would do the same.  Double Floyd with a guy over the top and put my best corner on Allen.  I think teams will do that again but I think the #1 CB will be on Johnson instead of Allen.  This is going to allow Allen to exploit lesser CBs.

2. Will the Chargers pay the price for not investing substantially (free agency/draft) in the Defensive Line?

Yes.  We will struggle to stop the run and put pressure on the QB.  I like the direction we have gone with the LBs and I think that unit has a lot of upside, but they need lanes to work in.  Unless someone on the D-Line raises their game a whole bunch this is where the Chargers are going to struggle.

3. When/If will Ryan Carrethers take over as the team’s Nose Tackle?

When he can play consistently at a higher level than the guy in front of him.

4. When will the offensive line finds it groove as a run blocking unit?

Soon.  These guys are pros and they will gel.  By game 2 it is going to look good, better by game 3.  In game 4 or 5 they are going to hit their stride and the offense is going to be dealing. My prediction is that the Chargers will have a top 5 offense this year.

5. Do the chargers have an antiquated run offense scheme, would this running game be better under a zone scheme?

Maybe.  I think we have built the line for size not really for guys who block on the move.

6. Is there a true #1 WR on this roster?

No.  But possibly Stevie emerges as one this year.  The good news is we have three number 1.5s.

7. What can we expect from Ingram/Attaochu/Emmanuel this season?

If Ingram stays healthy expect a monster year from him.  Emmanuel has shown flashes of being truly special.  He could become the steal of the draft, but it’s too early to project where he is going to be.  I have not heard much about Attaochu lately.  Either he is flying under the radar or starting his sophomore slump early.  We know Attaochu has some awesome athletic ability as he displayed last year.  If he can figure how to channel that every play and learns to play smart then he could be special.

He will be great.  And adding this flexibility to his skill set will make him invaluable.

9. When is this team going back to the full speed No-Huddle with Rivers audibling extensively?

When we have a defense that we don’t mind leaving on the field.  As of right now we are better off by winning the time of possession and keeping the other offense riding the pine.

10. How will Ladarius Green do in his 4 game audition, where the heck is he, as of right now he seems to have disappeared?

I have no idea.  We have seen flashes from this guy, but I’m not sure if he fits at TE.  He seems to be more of a TE/WR mix.  I don’t know what the future holds for him.

11. Why do Pagano defenses seems to run hot and cold, and the level of gameplan seems to vary greatly from brilliant to terrible?

For me this comes down to a coach’s ability to adjust his game plan on the fly.  Some weeks Pags anticipates what the other team will do and he prepares his D appropriately and is able to counter the other team’s tendencies.  Other weeks he guesses wrong or the other coach anticipates the Charger’s D and finds ways to over match them.  This is where a coach needs to be at his best and adjust his scheme on the fly.  Half time adjustments can win or lose a lot of games.  Pags seems to lack an ability to adjust on the fly.

12. Would any of us root for the Raiders if they took the city of San Diego’s deal for a stadium?

I love San Diego and will be sad to see the Chargers leave the city.  One thing is for sure I will still vacation in SD and I will never go to LA to watch them play.  LA sucks.  It’s a smoggy city in a desert.  Bleh.

As for the Raiders I hate them with a passion and would never root for them.