Todd McShay Mock Draft: Chargers select Danny Shelton


Todd McShay released his most recent mock draft and has the Chargers selecting Danny Shelton. 

Todd McShay is back with his latest mock draft and this time he has selected a player that we usually don’t see slip down to the 17th selection in the draft. He has the Chargers selecting Danny Shelton out of Washington. Here is his analysis for his selection:

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<p><b>Analysis</b>: Running back, left guard and outside linebacker all are need positions for the Chargers, but they also could use an upgrade at nose tackle, and Shelton is the best NT prospect in this draft. He commands double-teams with his massive frame and is quicker than you’d expect for his size. He’s dominant against the run and shows the ability to collapse the pocket as a pass-rusher.</p>. DT. Danny Shelton. 17. 13.

McShay might be a little confused with the guard position that the Chargers need, since we are looking for a right guard and not a left guard. He did hit the nail on the head for the other positions of need though for the Chargers. Shelton would be a beast in the middle of the Chargers defensive line. He would anchor the defense and create opportunities for the other players to make big time plays.

I would love to see Manti Te’o work with a little more space to get after the ball carrier. I would love to see Corey Liuget get a little more room to get after the quarterback. Having Shelton would make everyone around him better.

A good nose tackle is huge for the 3-4 defense. They clog up the middle of the line in the running game and they take on multiple blockers to allow their teammates to make plays. Shelton is one of the best nose tackle prospects coming out of the draft and would be a great fit for the Chargers defense. He would allow Sean Lissemore to slide out to the end position and put Kendall Reyes to the bench.

Will Tom Telesco make this move though? He has said over and over again that he is happy with the nose tackles on the roster. Grabbing Shelton would make this whole defense better and needs to be considered with the 17th selection. It would be a great pickup for the Chargers. I don’t know if Telesco likes the idea of taking a player that high that doesn’t play every down.

What do you all think about the possibility of getting Shelton?