San Diego Chargers draft: Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon?


If the San Diego Chargers go with a running back in the first, which direction should they go? 

We have been talking about the San Diego Chargers taking a running back in the first round all week, so we might as well settle the debate on which running back is the best. Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon are head and shoulders above the rest of the guys that are available and nobody would give any qualms about taking either of them in the first.

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Which runningback is the best though? Which back would you want the San Diego Chargers to select? We will put the poll at the bottom for all of you to put your votes in.

Todd Gurley seems like the most talented back of the two, getting comparisons to Adrian Peterson, but his injuries have to be a concern. He is coming back from an ACL injury and has had other injuries during his college career. When he is on the field, he looks unstoppable. He has a gear that you don’t see in a lot of backs, especially for a guy of his size. He often breaks tackles without breaking stride and can take it the distance any time he touches the ball.

Would you want another back on the roster where there are questions marks about his health? It seems like we have been messing with that type of player for too long.

Then we get to Melvin Gordon, who broke Ladainian Tomlinson’s record of having over 400 yards in a single game. He broke that record in 3 quarters against a solid defense! Gordon benefited from a stud offensive line at Wisconsin and there are some question marks on what he will be able to do without those type of holes. Gordon is getting comparisons to Jamaal Charles.

I would take either of the backs in San Diego and think that both of them would be able to make some big things happen.  The question comes down to, would you rather have Jamaal Charles or Adrian Peterson?

I think the Chargers would rather take the safe pick on this one and go with Melvin Gordon. I think he would be the best choice for the team as well. The team still needs to build up the offensive line, but he would be able to hit the hole hard and would pick up a ton of yards behind DJ Fluker and company.

Which would you take?

Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley?

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