Shawne Merriman calls his NFL career “incomplete”


Former San Diego Chargers LB Shawne Merriman shared his thoughts on his career in the game. In one word, he would call it incomplete. 

Shawne Merriman shared his thoughts on his career in the NFL on this piece that he wrote for The Players Tribune and titled it “incomplete.” He tells about his time in the league with the San Diego Chargers and his pursuit for that ring. He sits in the NFL studio and sees all the rings on the set with Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin and can’t help but look at his empty hands. He feels incomplete.

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The read is incredible for any Chargers fan and it will bring back memories. Some of those memories we still shake our heads in disappointment.  Stupid Marlon McCree!

Here is a little snippet from the post:

I played in the NFL for eight years, but if I had to sum up my career in one word, it’d be “incomplete.” We all play the game for one reason. Yeah, we play for the love of the game, the personal accolades and all that other stuff, but what we all really play for is the chance to call ourselves a champion. Until you slip that Super Bowl ring on your finger, you’re never considered the best.

That’s the only thing those guys have that I don’t. And no matter how far removed from the game I get, it still haunts me.

When Merriman entered the league, he was one of the most dominant players in the game. He would come off the edge and destroy players. He lit up so many players! He ended a few careers with the hits that he laid down.

He quickly became a fan favorite for his ability to put fear in the quarterbacks eyes. You could see the play of quarterbacks drop when the faced us.  Merriman would get that hit and he had that trademark lights out dance and the crowd would lose their mind.

Shawne was a part of some of the best teams that the Chargers had ever put together. Philip Rivers. Ladainian Tomlinson. Antonio Gates. Marcus McNeill. This team was stacked!

It is incredible how quickly that window can close on the team. Players leave for more money. Coaches leave to become head coaches somewhere else. Players get a little older each season. Finally we end up with a team that can’t get into the playoffs.

We have a few players on the roster that are running out of time. The window for Philip Rivers is closing quick. Antonio Gates won’t be on the field for much longer. Eric Weddle is getting older. The team needs to keep adding youth  through the draft to continue the growth. We have a few pieces to work with, but we need that young talent on a friendly contract.

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