Can The Bolts Rebound?


Dec 12, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos strong safety Mike Adams (20) prepares to tackle San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) in the third quarter at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The San Diego Chargers defeated the Denver Broncos 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Ahhhh… remember the afterglow of beating the Denver Broncos at “Sports Authority Field at Mile High”? Such a lame name for a stadium. Such a beautiful victory. It was followed by a playoff berth, and an exciting victory over the Bengals. Then, a defeat to the Broncos in the divisional round. The Chargers have less talent, but there is always that glimmer of hope that they might dethrone the Manning led Broncos.

It seems hard to dig down deep, and believe that the Chargers can beat the Broncos on Sunday at 1 pm, doesn’t it? The Broncos broke the bank signing top-notch talent this off-season, and it has paid dividends. They added playmakers to a team filled with playmakers. They have talent at every position, and are a Super Bowl favorite.

Then, you have the Chargers. Some veterans, with a lot of new blood… stop gap players… inexperienced… new head coach… new offensive coordinator… new GM… yet somehow still clutching the last wild card spot behind teams with much more talent, and experience. And, they are getting ready to host the NFL’s beloved Broncos.

I’m not going to make any predictions in this article. If you want to read my predictions, you can read them here. I am just going to sit back and hope we win, like every other fan out there. Improvement comes one game at a time. If they finish 10-6, but miss the playoffs (in a tight AFC wild-card race), this team would have improved. If we finished 9-7, it wouldn’t be great, but they wouldn’t have regressed.  The Seahawks took a similar path to the Super Bowl. If we go 11-5, that would be enough to shut anyone’s mouth. That is still possible as it stands today.

So, the Broncos get to come to San Diego, where they will probably have a lot of fans in the stands, which is something the Chargers deal with more than most teams out there. I hope the home crowd gets loud. I hope that the last home game of the season is one that we can be proud of. I hope that the officials call a fair game, and don’t ask Peyton Manning if he thinks they should throw a flag, or not. I hope the Chargers play 60 minutes of football, and come out on top. Most of all… I hope that Ryan Mathew’s ankle heals up, and he isn’t listed as “out” on the injury report. If so, then I hope Philip Rivers keeps his bolo tucked into his waste line, and carries this team with Oliver & Brown. I hope the offensive line makes their job easy. I hope the coaches have a good game plan, and aren’t scared to scrap it, if it doesn’t work.

Showing optimism isn’t popular out there right now. You might get quoted for being a realist, or you might get quoted for being an optimist. Seems there is always some sucka waiting to throw mud on the situation, as soon as the fit hits the shan. Personally, I invite them to the open thread.. where us Bolt Beaters will be bitching, complaining, cheering, and supporting. Maybe some of the “mud-slingers” can take time out of their important day to post a comment or two on the open thread. Even if you have season tickets, there are these inventions called “cell phones” where you can access the open thread before, during, and after the game… even if it’s at halftime. Maybe they can give a shout out to the team they are a big fan of… right? Or, just support the site they use to support the Chargers, or complain about them. Your presence is requested, and welcomed.

I know the awesome people who believe a win is possible, and that the season isn’t over… even if we lose… will be on the open thread. They will be posting in the comments section. They have been there all year… they don’t just show up after the the fact, and say “told you so”, or “Great win”, or “don’t get too excited..”. If the Chargers moved to L.A., I wonder who would buy season tickets then? Most of us will be fans for life, no matter what. We bleed blue & gold. We need this win. We need three more wins. We need a playoff spot.

The Chargers are in Bat Country… time to bronco bust.

Peter S Thompson