Chiefs vs. Broncos: Open Thread


The Chargers beat the Ravens today, in an important game. You can tell by the way that the announcers in the Patriots @ Packers game keep mentioning the Chargers win, that it “wasn’t supposed to happen”. It ruined the NFL pundit’s day. It ruined Elliot Harrison’s day. It ruined Christopher Hansen’s day (although I’m certain he will dissect the loss harder than the Charger’s coaches will, looking for that little nibble to hate on). Watching NFL Playbook this week, not one of those guys had the Chargers winning. But, what’s new? They have Ex-Ravens coaches, and New York Giants offensive linemen hosting the show.

To help matters out, the Cleveland Browns fell to the Buffalo Bills. The Pittsburgh Steelers got beaten at home by the New Orleans Saints. If the Miami Dolphins SOMEHOW lost to the hapless Jets tomorrow night, it would mean that every team behind the Chargers in the playoff hunt will have lost, besides the Bills & Texans.We beat the Bills, and the Texans were the furthest team back to start of this weekend.. THIS is why it is SO important to control your playoff destiny. Those teams all lost today. Also, the loss in Miami is ringing loudly right now… but we can’t look back at that.

So, who are you cheering for tonight? We have a divisional matchup between the Chiefs & the Broncos in Arrowhead. The good news is that whoever loses will help the Chargers. The bad news is that the Chargers have an absolutely excruciating schedule ahead. It’s filled with teams that have a 69% win percentage. That means that there is little room for error. As hyped as I am on our Bolts… error has become a factor we have lived with, even in the face of victory. They MUST minimize the mistakes they have been making, if they are going to win this division. I believe they can do it.

Both teams have beaten the Chargers this season, and both teams will play the Chargers once more before the season ends. We face the Broncos on home turf, and we face the Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium at season’s end. Will that game be for the division? Will it be for a better wild-card spot? Will it be for bragging rights only? Will we be fielding backups? Will it determine the course of the Charger’s path to the playoffs? One can only guess.

All I know is that I want this division, so I am cheering for the Chiefs to bring us one-half game back from a three way tie. It will be like the season started over. The Chargers are on a three game winning streak, and have the opportunity to topple them both. Stop slummin’ San Diego… take the division back!!!!

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