Interview: Boltman – San Diego Chargers Super Fan!


Boltman vs Faderman

We have all seen him at San Diego Chargers games and on TV, but have you ever wondered, who’s the guy in the Boltman costume? I have often thought that as well, then while having lunch with a friend and we were talking about the Chargers she said, “you know Boltman is Dan and we went to high school with him” I said “wha!” and this interview began to unfold.   What I learned was that he is a true blue fan and he has consumed a lot of the Kool-Aid I have so often been accused of drinking, and that’s a great thing.

CGC: Before we dive in to the Boltman questions, tell me a little about the guy behind the mask. I am pretty sure you are a San Diego Native since we went to High School together. What has happened since then?

BM: Ok here we go. Yes I was born in SD and lived here all my life. I am single with two kids: Daughter Renee 28, and my Son D.J. 26, both going to college. I also have a beautiful granddaughter that turned four this year. I’m a Realtor and love the industry. For fun during the off-season I enjoy anything that has to do with the outdoors. Beach, hiking, hitting the gym, and hanging out with friends and family.

CGC: Give me an overview of how Boltman came to be.

BM: Boltman: The date was January 15, 1995. The San Diego Chargers, AFC Champions, won their first trip to the Super Bowl. They faced the San Francisco 49’ers in the first all California Super Bowl, XXIX. The city of San Diego went Bolt Crazy. I soon realized that the San Diego Chargers were missing a mascot for our first Super Bowl appearance. I took it upon myself to fill in this void and created Boltman. With that I started to sketch out my original Boltman that was introduced back in 1996. The character has gone through some serious changes and transformations to what he looks like today. The Boltman has now fully evolved taking the form of half man and half bolt. His purpose here at “the Q” is to help lead the San Diego Chargers to their next Super Bowl by charging up the fans and leading cheer at all our home games. Boltman feels confident that his mission and purpose, here in America’s finest city, is closer then we make think. MUCH CLOSER!

Boltman evolution

CGC: How often does Boltman make it to San Diego Charger games? Do you ever travel to games?

BM: I don’t ever miss a Sunday game as Boltman. I have traveled to Oakland three times in the ‘Black Hole’ but was notified on my last trip there by the Oakland Police Sergeant, to never return to this stadium as Boltman or I will be immediately escorted out. The reason simply stated by the Oakland PD was that it puts their officers in danger trying to protect me in the stands and also trying to leave the stadium. Wise advise from Oakland PD. Never went back.

CGC: Do the San Diego Chargers sponsor you at all or is this just your super fan calling?

BM: Super Fan calling for sure. My allegiance, dedication and commitment is to the blue, white, and gold. As Boltman I have experienced the lows of the 1 and 15 seasons with the highs of the 14 and 2 seasons being 1st in the AFC west. As a dedicated hard-core Chargers fan you have to prepare for the good, the bad, and the ugly. At the end of the day I’m a Charger fan for life.

CGC: What is your favorite part about being Boltman?

BM: Bringing excitement to the tailgaters in the parking lot and in the stands. Seeing the faces of Charger fans young and old getting fired up when I come around the plaza walkway area to visit with fans. This gets me fired up as well. Everyone has a camera now on their cell phones so why not take a ‘Selfie’ with Charger fans. For the Charger fans it’s the closest thing they get to have a memorable experience with a picture that they took at the game.

CGC: Can people request an appearance at tailgates and/or parties?

BM: Unfortunately I’m not set up for private appearances just yet, but that is my ultimate goal. I can’t spend too much time in the parking lot with fans just before the game, due to the extreme heat and weight issues as Boltman. Five hours of wearing the suit can take a big toll on your body. Temperatures reach well over 3 digits in September every year. This year was 120 degrees. That’s really hot when you add the heat being confined in the suit.

CGC: What are your future plans for Boltman?

BM: To get Boltman on the field as the San Diego Chargers official mascot and pass the baton to a well deserved, qualified person to take pride in playing the role of Boltman and continue the legacy and commitment of perfection on and off the field.

CGC: What is your prediction for the Chargers this season?

BM: I believe a healthy Chargers team is a dangerous team with lots of great weapons. With the bye last week and some key veteran players back in the mix, we can make the post season. If the team is healthy at that point, the Chargers have a more then better chance of not only becoming the AFC Champions but a ticket to winning the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Championship. This 2014 Chargers team is the best team in the NFL. Our misfortune is the injuries we have sustained. If not for the injuries… The Chargers would be a strong (9-0)

Well, there you go BoltFam, now you know about the man behind the mask. Make sure to follow Boltman on Facebook and Twitter. I would love to hear from you about what makes you a super fan!