What Went Wrong with the Chargers?


What has gone wrong with the San Diego Chargers the last couple of weeks? The team has lost 2 straight games and are looking to break out of the funk. 

The Chargers are in a bit of a funk right now. They have lost two straight games to division opponents and will be traveling out to Miami to face a tough team on the road. The Chargers need to get into the BYE week on a good note since the remaining schedule is brutal.

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The biggest struggle in the last couple of games has been that offensive line. The last two teams have been able to get to Philip Rivers and they are forcing him to get rid of the football quicker than he would like. They are forcing him to make some quick decisions with the football and the players are not getting open for him. Some of the timing on the passes have been off as well.

The running game has struggled because of the play up front. The guys up front need to get some things straight. A lot of the roster is struggling because of injuries, but this unit will not be getting anyone back to help them. D.J. Fluker is hobbling around a little bit and could use some rest to get better, but everyone just needs to play better.

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The secondary is beat up. Jason Verrett and Brandon Flowers would be key players for this defense, but they have been limited in the amount of time they have been able to play in the last couple of games. If only we could get them both healthy at the same time for a whole game. I wonder what that would look lik?

One of the biggest struggles was with Richard Marshall on the field. There is a reason why he was cut after his last couple of games. He was unable to hang with receivers and he gave up too many big plays. It was a struggle watching him trying to defend and it was a struggle watching the other team score touchdowns on him all day.

The team struggled with some basics in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. They did not tackle when they got the ball. They just didn’t wrap up and take the ball carrier down. The defense looked tired.

Getting some rest should help a whole lot of things. The extra few days of rest before the Miami Dolphins game should be huge and the BYE week should help bring back some players. Ryan Mathews could return after the BYE and bring more life to the running game and offense. Manti Te’o would be a nice player to have back in the middle of the defense. Brandon Flowers and Jahleel Addae are both dealing with concussions and will need to recover. Jerry Attaochu has been dealing with a bad hammy for a bit and could use the rest. Help is on the way.

The competition coming up is tough. Will the Chargers step up to the plate or fall down?