7 Emotional Stages of Watching A Chargers Game


We wanted to go through the different stages that we go through while watching a San Diego Chargers game. Here are our thoughts on how the week breaks down for a lot of us.


Before we get to Sunday, we are ready to see our team back on the field and are full of excitement. For the most part this season, we have been coming off of a win and can’t wait to see how we do against the next team. Even after the Chiefs loss, there was a bit of excitement to play the game. After the Broncos loss, we might not have the same smile, but we still want to get this taste out of our mouth.

2. Nervousness

We haven’t even gotten to game day yet and the thoughts of missing players because of injuries and thoughts of failures in the past start creeping in your head. You are already preparing your hearts for a disappointment before the game even starts.

3. Continued Nervousness

The game finally starts and the Chargers do not get off to the fast start that you had hoped. They aren’t moving the ball down the field like they should and the defense seems to be getting torn apart. The nervousness is killing you!

4. Why do I even watch? They stress me out?

We get to half time and wonder what the heck are we going to do in order to pull away or catch up. For the whole half we are playing back certain plays that could have been better and that could have put the game away. The nerves are killing.


I think I can cheer now! I think I can cheer. Why didn’t we do this earlier? Why didn’t we play like this earlier? Why didn’t we just play like this in the first half? The team seems to make their adjustments at the half and figure out how to move the ball or stop make stops.


No matter what is happening in the game with the score, this emotion comes into play in the second half somewhere. We seem to make that play that gets us right in the game or a play that puts the whole thing away. We dance like that little kid up there.


Finally, the end result is always the same. We all turn into crazy people. We win a game and we think this team is going to the Super Bowl. We lose a game and we want to flip cars over an we think we are the worst team on the planet. Either way, we are crazy.