Chargers @ Raiders Open thread: Welcome To Easy Street


So… it’s Raider week. Our team is super dinged up, but there is no doubt in my mind we won’t win this one. I am just praying we don’t get even more injuries than we already have. Injured players are finally making it back onto the field, and that’s good news. Thankfully, the A’s have choked their way out of the playoffs, and they have put down turf in the back of that God-awful endzone!

I am not overlooking this game, and neither are the Chargers. But, we face KC next week, and they actually pose a threat in the division. The Raiders are just spoilers at this point, which is hilarious, because it is only week 6. They already fired their coach, for God’s sake. Their weak attempt to pick up Matt Schaub in the offseason, is exactly that… weak. They will probably be starting the rookie Carr, who is coming off of a knee injury. The Raiders have already shown him that they will get him killed, and we are barely past the quarter mark. Tough luck for the kid… I would have been hoping I would land on any other team during the draft, if I were him. There were many others before him in the same position, who are no longer in the league.

But, I digress. Feel no sympathy for them, as there is none in return. They would love to rub it in our faces, so don’t feel bad about rubbing it in theirs. They hate us, we hate them. It’s healthy.

My prediction? The Raiders will have to abandon their running game in the first half. Ladarius Green will have a good day, Brandon Flowers will rack his 3rd INT of the season, Gates will murder them over the middle, Choo-Choo & Freeney will get a sack-a-piece, and Liuget will beast out. Frank Reich will call an impressive game, and Nick-The-Kick will be flawless. Oliver will continue to be a major rushing threat… and my BIG prediction… Weddle will have Carr in his “Deadlights”. What if Ronnie Brown gets a TD… that would be rad. I predict a pedestrian day for Rivers, only because I think Clemens will be put in early in the 4th quarter. Felipe Rios can take a breather for this game.

My major point of emphasis? Seyi Ajirotutu needs to keep stuffing returners on kick offs & punts… he has been a BEAST on special teams. Hit hard, pop the ball out, and let stuckey or Addae recover the fumble.

So, for those of you who haven’t attended one of our “open threads”, feel free to comment below. Make sure to cheer for the team, discuss football related topics, curse the mistakes (even though we haven’t had much to complain about), and remember to keep it above the belt… except when trolls start posting… feel free to take the gloves off there ; )

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence!

Peter Thompson