The Center Position a MAJOR Concern For Chargers


Sep 8, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; San Diego Chargers offensive guard Chris Watt (65) against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Chargers 18-17. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to talk about the tough stuff when we are 4-1, and top of the division. Especially after a total beat-down of the Jets, ending in a shut-out. It seems that every 8-10 plays, one of our guys is getting taped up, sent to the locker room, grabbing at some extremity of their body, or are slow getting up. As Charger fans, we are pretty used to this, as the injury bug is the last bad thing that hasn’t left San Diego. In fact, it’s gotten exponentially worse. If it was bad before this game started, it is even more horrible now. Fluker, Allen, Rivers, Double J, Donald Brown, and Malcom Floyd are the newest additions to the injury report.

The worst news on the injury front today, was at the center position. Doug Legursky… who was already a back up to a back up.. went down with a “serious knee injury”. He was brought in when Hardwick went down, to be Ohrnberger’s back-up. When Ohrnberger went down, he became the starter, after trying out both him & Watt at the position. Now, he is down, and it looks like… ready or not… Chris Watt is our new center, unless they manage to pick up SOME guy off of the street.

I am on record as saying that Chris Watt was my favorite draft pick. I think he will be a great player for this team, for years to come. I am glad that coach Joe D picked him, and that he feels that he is intelligent enough to take snaps at center. The fact that he took snaps during preseason AT LEAST gives some element of familiarity to Philip Rivers, who is now rolling with his 4th center, in as many weeks. I am going to have faith in Watt, as I think he is the best option for us, until Ohrnberger’s back heals up. But, if either of these two get hurt, and are put on IR, we are in BIG trouble. I imagine that we will be signing a center asap from the scrap heap, depending on how “serious” this injury is to Legursky. I only pray that Ohrnberger gets healthy asap, and Chris Watt picks up quickly.

We play the win-less Raiders next weekend, in Oakland. As bad as they are, we are barely able to field a healthy team right now. As bad as the Raiders are… and they are really bad… they manage to hand us a defeat every now & then. With Dennis Allen being fired, and Tony Sporano being named the new head coach, they will be looking to get their first win. The Raiders hate the Chargers more than any team in the league. We will be limping into this game (pun intended), and communication will be of the utmost importance on the offensive line. Rivers has the weapons, but whoever is lining up under center with him will have a tall task, as it will be LOUD in the Black Hole.. trust it.

I was a big advocate of signing a top-3 center this draft. Hardwick had been threatening retirement for two years, and Ohrnberger.. bless his heart.. is not a starter at center. I love Chris Watt, but to say he is inexperienced at the center position is a gross understatement. With a “not-so-appetizing” list of free agent centers coming up this off-season… I sure do hope that Chris Watt can fill these big shoes, and that Ohrnberger can get healthy enough to soften the blow of being thrown into the fire. If not, we will be picking a center in the first two rounds next season.. book it.

I, personally… have faith in Chris Watt. I just didn’t think he would be needed so badly, this soon. God speed my young warrior!!!!


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Peter Thompson

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