San Diego Chargers 2014 Win-Loss Predictions


Aug 28, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy reacts on the sideline against the Arizona Cardinals during the third quarter at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It is that time to go through the San Diego Chargers schedule and  make predictions for wins and losses for each game. Let’s run through and see what we got here.


Week 1 Mon, Sep 8 @ Arizona – WIN (1-0) 

We start out the season on the road against the Cardinals. The Cardinals had a strong year last season and will be an early test for the Chargers. It should be a fun game and the Cardinals fans will be hyped. I expect the Chargers to be able to get in there and steal a win to start the year. I think there will be enough holes in the Cards defense for the Chargers to put up the points to get the win.

Week 2 Sun, Sep 14 vs Seattle – LOSS  (1-1)

The Bolts have aleays been good at playing up to the competition. The Seahawks won’t have their home crowd behind them in this game and that is another reason why the Chargers could have an advantage, but in the early season, I don’t know if the Chargers will be ready to take on the challenge.

Week 3 Sun, Sep 21 @ Buffalo – WIN  (2-1)

It is a long road for the Chargers to play out in Buffalo, but the Bills are still trying to find their feet. They ave some nice pieces, but don’t think they will be able to hang with the Bolts.

Week 4 Sun, Sep 28 vs Jacksonville – WIN  (3-1)

The Jaguars are a young team that is building up their roster, but I don’t think they will be able to hang yet. We should be able to get this win at home.

Week 5 Sun, Oct 5 vs New York – WIN (4-1)

I don’t think the Jets are much of a threat this year. The Chargers could easily get 4 wins in the first 5 games. They just have to split the first two games.

Week 6 Sun, Oct 12 @ Oakland WIN (5-1)

Division games are always tough, but we should sweep the Raiders this season. We didn’t do it last year, but we should get it done this year.

Week 7 Sun, Oct 19 vs Kansas City WIN (6-1)

All the talk about the Chargers barely getting by the Chiefs 2nd squad last year will be shut up in this game. They travel to San Diego and will leave with another loss.

Week 8 Thu, Oct 23 @ Denver LOSS (6-2)

A couple of tough division games in a row for the San Diego Chargers. They will have to travel out to Denver and it will likely be another tough battle between the two squads.

Week 9 Sun, Nov 2 @ Miami WIN (7-2)

The bounce back game for the Chargers. Last year the Chargers lost to the Dolphins, but the Chargers will enter the BYE strong.

Week 10 BYE WEEK

Week 11 Sun, Nov 16 vs Oakland WIN (8-2)

I must be crazy, but the Chargers can have 8 wins in the first 10 games. The Raiders just are not there yet. They are better than last year, but they still will not be competitive. The Chargers are also coming off a BYE week.

Week 12 Sun, Nov 23 vs St. Louis WIN (9-2)

The Rams might have the worst quarterback in the game right now. It will be interesting to see if their defense will be able to hold up all season when they are on the field so often. I think the Chargers should be able to get this win here.

Week 13 Sun, Nov 30 @ Baltimore  LOSS (9-3)

The Chargers can’t win them all. This is the start of a tough stretch for the Chargers and will start it out with a loss.

Week 14 Sun, Dec 7 vs New England WIN (10-3)

Can Mike McCoy find a win against the Patriots? It hasn’t been something that the Chargers had been able to do in the past, but the new coaching staff could bring a change of scenery.

Week 15 Sun, Dec 14 vs Denver WIN (11-3)

I think the Chargers will get a win against the Broncos again this year and finish 1-1 against them this year. Are you kidding me with these 11 wins with 2 games to go?

Week 16 Sat, Dec 20 @ San Francisco LOSS (11-4)

With 11 wins and a couple of games to go, the Chargers could be looking to steal the division. They still have to go up against the 49ers in their new digs. Dealing with Kaepernick will likely be a nightmare for our defense.

Week 17 Sun, Dec 28 @ Kansas City WIN (12-4)

Not sure if the Chiefs will have anything to play for at this time of the year. With 11 wins at this time, the Chargers could likely be fighting for the division or could just go on cruise control.


I usually tend to be a bit optimistic with some of my predictions, but I usually am not that far off from the number of wins. You can go to the past seasons and you can see that I am pretty accurate with the predictions. Usually within 1 or at least 2 games off. Even by being 2 games off, I have this team at least taking 10 games this season. I believe in this team and think that they will be in the playoffs at the end of the year.