Chargers Get Walloped By Seahawks: Reality Check


September 30 2012; Denver, CO, USA; A fan holds a sign for NFL referee Pete Morelli (135) (not pictured) during the second quarter of the game between the Oakland Raiders against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks opened up the game with ex-Charger Bryan Walters getting across the 25, and it was all downhill after that. In fact, Walters had a pretty good night in the return game. Didn’t we cut that guy? Don’t we still have a gaping hole in the return game? Aren’t we entertaining the idea of a CFL player or a 7th round draft pick… neither of who can contribute in the return game… take a shot at the 5th receiver spot?  Seems to me that Walters was qualified for both, and we let him walk.

Anyway, I digress. Despite benching Marshawn Lynch less than five minutes into the game, the Seahawks absolutely murdered us with the run. In particular, the slew of mobile quarterbacks that they employ, using the read option, racked up FOUR touchdowns. The first one, I was mildly irritated. Two, I was concerned. Three, I was fuming. FOUR?!!!!! I just can’t explain to you how negligent that is, even in preseason. The Chargers struggled with guys like Vick, Smith, & Locker last year. This season they face Kaepernick, and Wilson. Not a good thing. If you are still under the impression that we don’t struggle with mobile QB’s, go have your head examined.

I would lay into Pagano, and how awful the players on this defense were tonight, but I can’t. I could also make excuses about how this was the Seahawk’s first home game since they won the Superbowl… that they are impossible to beat at home… that the playcalling was extremely vanilla… or that the refs were awful (which they were). But, I can’t. There wasn’t ONE single player that I can point to tonight on the defensive side of the ball, and say “that guy had a solid game”. It was terrible, across the board.

Personally, I wasn’t thrilled with the performance last week. Dallas sucks, plain and simple. We don’t suck, but it looked like it tonight. I am very irritated at Mike McCoy for not having this team prepared. I wasn’t expecting a W, but when is he going to look at Telesco with a straight face, and tell him that Pagano is useless? Or, that not enough is being done to sign quality defensive players in free agency? Or, that putting half of the field in the hands of guys like Gilchrist, Addae, and Wright is unacceptable? Or that Manti Te’O is NOWHERE near where he should be for the price we paid, and Attachao isn’t looking good for the same price, despite the fact that he is a rookie.

Furthermore, why did we sign Clemens again? I don’t see a heck of a lot more talent in him than Sorensen. If one of them is cut, I hope that it’s Clemens. I’m not even sure why we signed Brown, instead of using a draft pick on a bruising back.. they weren’t even being drafted until the mid-rounds. I don’t understand why we picked up a 5th round DT, when we had such a glaring hole at the position. I don’t understand why we neglected to draft a defensive end, but signed Grice & Reese.. neither of whom seemed like good picks at the time, or even seem to have a good shot at making the roster. Basically, we did the same exact thing as we did last season. We ignored the NT position, and let an obviously below average option secure the starting job. Then we back the starter up with equally average-to-below-average players, and wonder why we can’t contain the run, or get any pressure up the middle.

I am happy we signed Flowers, because we HAD to sign a veteran CB. I hope he works out. But, if we would have cut some of this dead weight (Mouton, Clary, Taylor, English… maybe even Wright & Gilchrist) before the draft, we could have signed a much better CB or NT. I’m not sure why these simple details keep getting overlooked, because from front to back, we have major issues at every single level of the defense. From D-Line, to Pass rush, to middle linebackers, to safeties (except for Weddle), to cornerbacks, to the guy running the defense, to the guy overseeing him, to the guy putting the defensive players on the field… TOTAL FAIL ON DEFENSE!

I’m done blaming Pagano, or salary caps, or “more pressing needs”. Except for Watt & Verrett, I’m not sure what the heck we drafted. I pray Attaochu isn’t gonna whiff on every other play like Te’O, or get boxed out by any lineman with a pulse.. because that’s what’s happening now. That would be a shame. But, when the San Diego Chargers decide to get with the program, and make some legit defensive moves, I will take it back. So far… this sucks… majorly. And, I don’t see it getting better anytime soon, unless drastic changes are made immediately.

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence

Peter Thompson