Five Intruiging Match-ups To Watch In Chargers, Seahawks Showdown


The San Diego Chargers and Seattle Seahawks are ready to get a small taste of each other before their regular season game in week two. This will give the two teams an idea of what the “real” game will be like. But why wait four weeks? Even in this preseason game there are plenty of intriguing match-ups to keep an eye on.

Philip Rivers vs The Legion Of Boom

Although it will probably be just for a series or two, what an interesting battle this will be. The Legion Of Boom is arguably the best secondary in the NFL, but can they shut down  the All-Pro bound Philip Rivers? To get more specific, think about Richard Sherman vs Rivers. Two of the most competitive players to ever play the game that are known to talk a little smack. I could already imagine those two screaming at each other from across the field. Watch out Sherman. Trust me when I say Rivers fights back.

Robert Turbin/Christine Michael vs Chargers Run D

I would add Marchawn Lynch in the list, but he’s probably not even going to run the ball more than two or three times. But these two will give the Chargers plenty of contest all throughout the game. Turbin is a starting caliber running back, and Christine Michael is a huge breakout candidate. Keep an eye on how Kendell Reyes does. He struggled mightily last game and other players (Tenny Palepoi  Sean Lissemore) are starting to step up. The Chargers defensive line is versatile so the starting spots are still in the air.

Dontrelle Inman/Brandon Oliver vs Seahawks Backup Defense

Don’t get misled, for even the backups on the Seahawks roster are impressive. Terrell Thomas and Kevin Williams will keep these two rookies busy. In fact, I’ve gotten several comments that Inman and Oliver are vastly overrated. NFL fans and experts alike are mentioning how bad the Dallas Cowboys defense is (which is true), and that these two are not as good as Chargers fans think. Let’s see if it was a one game fluke. I think not.

Brandon Flowers/Jason Verrett vs Percy Harvin/Paul Richardson

Well, it may be time for Brandon Flowers to play a game with the San Diego Chargers. After missing the first contest, it appears Flowers will be in action against the Seahawks. And who’s a better match-up for him than Percy Harvin? Harvin is a talent filled wide receiver that matches up well against Brandon Flowers. They are both on the shorter side, but are widely known as two great players in the NFL. It’s time for Flowers to show he is the best corner in the NFL.

Also matching up well will be Jason Verrett (if he can play) against Paul Richardson. Verrett was criticized for being too small thus leading to questions about him covering taller receivers. Well he won’t have too big of a height disadvantage against fellow rookie wide receiver Paul Richardson (roughly six feet tall). He will however will be faced with speed and skill, he also impressed in the first game of his NFL career.

Victor Aiyewa vs Alvin Bailey

Aiyewa…. The player that Charger fans are already excited about will be in full pads and ready to go. If you aren’t excited yet, go watch his highlight tape in college. And Alvin Bailey, the backup tackle for the Seahawks who I bet will be matched up against “Von Miller Who?” Not a contest that most fans will be keeping an eye on, but these two may be on the NFL Network’s replay camera again and again. Or maybe I’m just overrating Aiyewa.

As always, thanks for reading

Sam Kweon