Malcolm Floyd: The long road to a return.


Sept. 15, 2013:

Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Chargers vs Eagles: Week 2.

3rd Quarter 15:00, 1st & 10 from the Chargers 20 yard line.

Four seconds later, it happened…

In the process of making a catch, Chargers wide receiver, Malcolm Floyd took a brutal hit from Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans. While the contact was legal, the impact did its damage to Floyd, compressing his neck and leaving him on the field for several minutes. As Chargers fans everywhere watched with deep concern, Floyd was taken away from the field on a stretcher. He would not play another down for the rest of the 2013 season…

Months into his rehab, there were whispers that Floyd may have played his last down of his football career…

Then, news arose that The Chargers team and fans alike had been waiting to hear. Cleared by doctors after several months of recovery, it was announced on May 19th that Floyd would make his return to the field in 2014. “It was just a freak injury” said Floyd, speaking at Chargers Fanfest on Saturday. “I trust the doctors; I trust the rules that have been put in place.”  

A week and a half into training camp and setting foot on the field at Qualcomm for the first time since last September, the 11 year veteran looks like he hadn’t missed anytime at all. “It just felt good to be out here on the field and even though I have been here for eleven straight years, it feels like it’s been a while.”  

There has always been great trust between Floyd and quarterback Philip Rivers. Having that kind of a connection has been vital to The Chargers offensive success in recent years as the duo has hooked up for a career stat of 3,777 yards and 24 touchdowns.

However, The Chargers wideout realizes this is a new team with a new attitude and is approaching this upcoming season with something to prove.

“I was on pace to having a great season last year with Coach Graves (Fred) coaching us at the wide receiver position. Now I feel better and I feel more eager.”  

With a record number of over 18,000 fans in attendance at Qualcomm Stadium on Saturday, Floyd acknowledged how special it was to come out and perform in front of the Charger faithful.

“This is the most I have ever seen; even compared to the year where we had eleven pro-bowlers there’s a lot of people out here. But I’m glad we got a lot of support, we need that heading into this season.”  

At the beginning of every season, all NFL teams have expectations. Leading into Thursday’s first preseason match-up with The Dallas Cowboys, Floyd and his veteran teammates can agree that the expectations for this team are as high as they have ever been in recent memory.

“No doubt, we got a lot of older veterans who have that chip on their shoulder. Philip and Gates, they definitely need one before they leave, so why not go all out.”