Poll: Who Will Be The #1 Receiver?


The draft has passed, and the Chargers didn’t select a top receiver. Malcom Floyd is now ready to go. Keenan Allen is coming off of a spectacular rookie season. Behind them, we have Eddie Royal, Vincent Brown, Tevin Reese, Seyi Ajirotutu, and a few newly acquired possibilities.

So, who will be listed as the #1 receiver when the official depth chart is released? Your guess is as good as mine.

On one hand, Floyd was the #1 receiver going into the 2013 season. He was looking really good, before he got taken out by a wicked hit in week two. He was on fire, man! Had that injury not happened, he could have been on pace for a pro-bowl season. Floyd has been no stranger to injury, but that could have happened to anyone. He was catching a pass over the middle, and got CLOCKED… plain and simple. It had absolutely nothing to do with his injury history. It was just awful luck.

Enter Keenan Allen. He was, self admittedly, on the verge of quitting the team, due to a lack of playing time. He was seen sporting a Raiders hat, which set everyone sideways. Eric Weddle had to have a “heart to heart” with him about that. Then he came in, and blew the competition up. He had highlight reel performances, and was able to shake double teams, despite there being no other real wide receiving threat. He came an inch shy of “Rookie of the Year”.

So, what do McCoy & Telesco do now? Floyd’s performance, prior to the injury, was the best thing we’d seen since Vincent Jackson left. Floyd finally stepped up into that #1 receiver role, was playing with a chip on his shoulder, and was taking a commanding role at the top of the depth chart. Then, Keenan Allen came in, and proved every draft day critic wrong. He made his presence known.

In one hand, you have a decade of experience with Floyd, who seemed to be peaking at a very high level. In the other hand, you have a less experienced receiver in Allen, but he is a gosh darn superstar!

All I know, is that on day one, I don’t care who the starting receiver is. I just know that there are two #1 receivers, and it’s #3 from there. Who knows who will perform at a higher level? It will be interesting to see if youth shines, or if experience prevails.

It almost  reminds me of “The Greatest Show On Turf”, when Isaac Bruce & Torry Holt lit up the league for three years straight, behind a dominating running game. That campaign led to a Superbowl Championship Title in 1999. The Chargers seem to be setting themselves up for similar success.

Now, the only question is, who will Philip go to? Probably the receiver that is more open.

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence!

Peter Thompson

Who Will Be Listed As The #1 Receiver When The Official Week One Depth Chart Is Released?

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