What We Know About Telesco After Day 1 of Free Agency


Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So we haven’t made that big free agency splash, no big deal. I didn’t expect us to do so since we don’t have as much cash as teams like the Oakland Raiders. But after seeing what other teams in our division have already accomplished the last 24 hours really bothers me. And the fact that we’re not shooting them back with our own ammunition really worries me. No fear though, it looks like we are using this free agent period to beef up our depth.

Telesco just signed former Colt Donald Brown last night, whom many tagged as a 1st round bust product out of the 2009 draft. He did somewhat redeem himself last season after taking the starting job over Trent Richardson though, who was traded to the Colts  midway last year. He will most likely replace Ronnie Brown, It wouldn’t surprise me if he is his replacement. He should be able to pound the ball for extra yardage when Mathews get tired or hurt, and we really struggled with that last season. Don’t be surprised if we still draft a RB late in the draft to compete with Donald Brown or used for developmental purposes.

Our second free agency pickup is former Steelers TE David Johnson. This is a solid pickup, it looks like we will be using Johnson to bruise opposing rushers since he is more of a bulkier TE intended for blocking and not primarily for catching. It looks like he will replace John Phillips, which is an upgrade. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lined up Gates and Johnson as blocking TE and line Ladarius Green as a slot WR in certain packages.

Here is what we know whats going through Telesco’s head so far after a day into the Free Agency period:

  • He is looking for young players, which is a good sign, and kind of a bad sign since most young players are not as experienced as others, we want to get younger but keep the experience we already have.
  • We are not signing huge acquisitions and instead signing players on the cheap to strengthen our depth, which is worrying me a little after seeing what the Broncos and Raiders have already accomplished so far. Hopefully we find our one big signing today.
  • It looks like Telesco is looking to the Draft to fill the holes on our roster, which is encouraging because only the best best General Managers can successfully build their team through the draft.
  • Telesco isn’t leasing his players like what the Broncos have been doing the past 2 season, he is signing players to multi-year contracts.

I would expect more signings today than our lone star signing we had yesterday in Donald Brown, expect most of them to be depth signings and maybe 1 immediate starter. It doesn’t look like were signing a receiver today, since no one has signed a receiver since free agency began. Most of the signings are defensive backs pass rushers, offensive lineman and defensive lineman, which looks like we might be picking up a defensive player soon over another offensive player. All right everyone, lets hold our breaths, and hope for the best these next couple days, things are really turning up in free agency this year! Stay tuned.