Should Malcom Floyd Return?


Sep 15, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd (80) catches a pass under pressure from Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Brandon Hughes (27) during the second quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend we received some very good news. It was reported that Malcom Floyd has been running for a month now, is no longer sleeping in a neck brace, and has been cleared for light weight lifting. This was a big relief for Charger fans, after we all watched him take a very scary hit in week two in Philadelphia. He was carted off of the field, and left the stadium in an ambulance with neck & spine damage. The announcement was that he is finally able to play with his children normally, and has resumed his daily activities at home. His wife had been doing the “heavy lifting” at the house, so Malcom’s neck could heal from a potentially debilitating injury. He is still experiencing “some pain”, but not anywhere near what he had been dealing with.

After I read the report, I scanned the web to read the reactions from the Chargers fan base, as we were all praying for some kind of good news that pointed in the direction of Floyd returning to the starting line-up. We had been expecting this report for two weeks, after it was announced that we would be receiving an update shortly. The Chargers are obviously lacking quality depth at the wide receiver position. We may be losing Eddie Royal as a cap casualty, Danario Alexander’s knee isn’t healing properly, and Vincent Brown had a disappointing season in 2013. Malcom was looking really good last year, up until the moment of the injury. Having a healthy Malcom Floyd and Keenan Allen playing opposite each other would be a welcome sight.

After reading the fan reaction, I was surprised to find that it was a mixed bag of results. There is no doubt that fans were genuinely happy to hear the news, and wish the best for M80. A lot of fans, including myself, were extremely excited about the possibility of having him back in our starting line-up. However, there were also comments that Malcom should not return, despite his statements that he was definitely going to do everything he could to get back onto the field.

The comments ranged from “I am glad to hear this, but he should retire. It’s not worth it for him to risk his quality of life for football”. Other comments showed concern that he might be skittish every time he took a heavy hit, and it could affect how he plays. Some fans were even comparing it to Kris Dielman’s situation, and that it was time to hang the cleats up. A few people suggested it was time to move on, as he has had problems staying healthy in the past, and that he probably won’t be in the NFL after his contract expires in 2015.

The thing that I find encouraging about his injury is that it did not require surgery. People have mentioned that Peyton Manning underwent 6 neck surgeries, was similarly marked for retirement, and came back to play some of the best football that the NFL has ever seen! If Peyton can do it, there is a very real possibility that Floyd could return to the field fairly soon. No matter how you look at it, Malcom has a serious decision to make, and so do the Chargers.

If Malcom Floyd heals up, and is ready to go by the time the regular season kicks off, do you think he should be on the field? Do you think the Chargers should bring him back, or should they politely suggest retirement? Do you think that his neck injury was so serious that he shouldn’t take the chance? If his rehabilitation doesn’t go smoothly, there may not be a decision for either party to make. As for me, I am holding out hope that he can come back, and continue to play at the level he was before this unfortunate injury happened. He was doing such a good job! Get well soon M80!!!

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