Super Bowl in San Diego, Perfect Fit


It has been a very VERY long time since there was a Super Bowl hosted in San Diego (last one being Super Bowl XXXVII) when the Oakland Raiders took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Why is this topic coming up now … lets review why.

The NFL has made it clear that a new stadium is needed in San Diego, one that can handle the capacity of the week-long event and festivities.  The current venue of Qualcomm does not meet NFL expectations and while the City of San Diego and the Chargers organization continue their on-going debate for a new stadium, other cities that have NFL teams are winning the bids for a Super Bowl to come to their city.

Which comes to the reason WHY the NFL should reconsider their stance and allow San Diego to host a Super Bowl again … and potentially, host one every few years.

According to multiple sources, the NFL is contemplating changing the day of the Super Bowl as part of a “contingency plan” to counteract the weather conditions that are projected in the New York area for Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife stadium.

Reuters from the Chicago Tribune states that if snowstorm conditions are intolerable for the players and spectators, that the game scheduled for Sunday, February 2 could be moved to as early as Friday of that week or any day between and including that following Monday as possible options.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell responds to these weather concerns in the Chicago Tribune. “We are embracing the weather,” Goodell told the Tribune on Monday. “Football is played in the elements.”

So while the NFL has to deal with weather issues for Super Bowl XLVIII, the thought of San Diego hosting one continues to be problematic and one that in essence would solve a good amount of these other factors that the NFL are experiencing this year.

San Diego has the weather on its side, check.  San Diego has plenty of food, lodging and accommodations that can serve the NFL well, check.  The NFL already has a few major events in San Diego County (NFL Rookie Symposium) so the presence of the NFL goes beyond just the San Diego Chargers organization, check.  Did I mention the nice warm weather … you get the idea.

The Chargers need a new stadium, that is without a doubt a YES but should San Diego be penalized by not having the chance to host a Super Bowl?  Should the NFL players, fans AND celebrities who are involved suffer those horrid conditions that are currently being endured on the eastern seaboard?

Most NFL fans, players and apparently now NFL officials could very well decide YES it is time for San Diego to host a Super Bowl for the conditions are perfect for the biggest game of the year in the NFL.  Will the NFL office wise up and reconsider their stance … that remains to be seen but what is happening at MetLife could very well start the wheels turning.

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