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The Importance of Chargers Fever


Jan 5, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; San Diego Chargers tight end Ladarius Green (89) catches a pass in the end zone for a touchdown while being defended by Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Chris Crocker (32) during third quarter of the AFC wild card playoff football game at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Right now the entire city of San Diego has Chargers Fever.  It has spread from cute little Girl Scouts to executives in suits and everyone in between.  If you walked down the street and saw 10 people, more than half of them would be affected by it.  If you are not in San Diego and you are reading this you may think, holy cow, is this some new version of the flu and do I need a shot?  Nope, unless you are a San Diego Chargers fan or about to become one, you will not get it.  But, you will wish you could catch it, because there is no fever like a San Diego Chargers fever!

What is it?  Chargers fever is in you all the time, but most people only feel it during draft time, at the beginning of the football season and during football season.  So, basically, from April through December.  When Chargers fever is at it’s peak is the month of January.  Chargers fever in January is rare and very intense and can last from the moment you wake until you go to sleep at night.  Some would call it passion.

How do you get it?  You get Chargers fever by believing in something that may or may not happen and putting your trust in something that you have no control over.  Believing in the Chargers and never giving up.  Some would call it faith.

Why do I want it?  It is the best feeling you could possibly imagine.  Imagine having euphoria over a 2% chance at making the playoffs, believing that that chance was completely possible because it was not zero and watching the Chargers roll into the playoffs one game at a time.  Complete excitement, happiness, hope and love for a bunch of guys you don’t even know, but you know that they were playing their asses off just for you.  It will make you yell out loud, high five complete strangers and walk around with a big smile on your face.  Some would call it love.

Is there a cure?  I have no idea.  If there is, I don’t want it.  My father was a Chargers fan since the day they moved to San Diego and he died a Chargers fan.  I am a Chargers fan since birth and I have no intentions of leaving this earth any other way.  Some call it pride.

So, there you go, Chargers fever is important because it fills you with passion, faith, love and pride.  If you have it, you know and if you catch it, don’t worry, you will love it.